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Character Archive.

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Ok, This thread is to organize all the characters. That way, you  don't have to go through so many pages to find the person you're looking for..

Please do not  put comments for characters on this thread.
Please do not put new characters on this thread.

Put both of those on the old thread, then I'll add them here. This way the thread doesn't get huge.


Post 2
Jessica Orabela
Nadia Gonzales
Byne Turner

Post 3
Jack Ryder

Post 4
Micky D
Wayne Cobane
Various  (Demi-Goddess)

Post 5
Ivan Fisk
Shye Natanel

Post 6
Contessa Mand
Francisca Vera Borges Santos
Unknown (Mover, Sir)

Post 7
Fred Annullin
"The Controller"
Jack Flash

Post 8
Pierce Dary
Jolyne Isonov
Fitz Tanner

Post 9
Caleb Trelaine*
Lisa-Lee Cade*
Ella Camphrey*

Post 10
Dr. Osaka
Sarah DeMonte, Jenna DeMonte, Amanda DeMonte, Laura DeMonte*
Dakana Mbembe*

Post 11
Eddie Bryant
Deepti Nirmala Kandahaliamanpur
Joe Enslaw

Post 12
Tamara McShay
Ansel Cedric


Characters will be added whenever I have time.
“She'd become a governess. It was one of the few jobs a known lady could do. And she'd taken to it well. She'd sworn that if she did indeed ever find herself dancing on rooftops with chimney sweeps she'd beat herself to death with her own umbrella.”
― Hogfather
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Re: Character Archive.


Name- Jessica Orabela

Nick/Alias- Jess


Height- 5'2" (1.57 m)

Weight- 122 lbs (55.3 kg)

Gender- Female

Chronological age- 16

Biological age- 16

Skin Color- Light Brown

Eye Color- Dark Brown

Hair Color- Brown

Species- Weird Human

Other- Fairly Pretty and Slim


Likes-  The color Orange, Cats, Watching things blow up, Dance Music

Dislikes-  The Quiet, Blue, Brainless Morons

Phobias-  None

Personality- She can be best described as a volcano, Most of the time she's warm and harmless but sometimes she will blow her top, Its best to take cover when she does.


Knowledge- Knows Spanish, and how to make explosives.

Skills- Fair singer, can make explosives, and type 30 wpm (Words per Minute).

Nonskills-  Can't swim, or drive without demolishing something.


Explosion Creation- Can make a burst of concussive force and light at will. Limited range. Used often, requires little energy.
    Sub-powers- Resistance to explosions, Resistance to blindness caused by bright flashes.
    Power Scale- 7 (Can partially destroy small cars)
    Control Scale- 5 (Rarely destroys something accidentally)

Human Explosion- Can make herself explode into a large fireball, and then return to normal. Keeps small items, including clothing. Is exhausting and rarely used.
    Sub-Powers- Ability to regenerate after exploding.
    Power Scale- 9 (Highly destructive, can destroy entire buildings)
    Control Scale- 6 (Can only be used when wanted, but doesn't distinguish between allies and enemies)


Name- Nadia Gonzales

Nick Name/Alias- Nadi, Na-Na, Jac Frost, Freeze Queen, Ice Queen, Subzero, Polar, Frost, Frosty


Height- 5'6

Weight- 130 lbs.

Gender- Female

Chronological Age- 22

Biological Age- meh...maybe 18, 19

Skin Color- Light Brown

Eye Color- Brown

Hair Color- Black (sometimes wears streaks of white or blue, or pulls her hair into a ponytail)

Species- Superhuman (Human Mutant)

Other- Nose Ring, Polar Bear Head tattoo on her left shoulder


Likes- Ice cream, spicy foods, soul food, ice skating, TV (mostly BET, Spike, SyFy, Spanish channels and Oxygen), reading newspapers and watching the news

Dislikes- People who are picky about food, waiting in line, new people, hearing secrets, exercise, eating healthy

Phobias- Dogs, snakes, bugs, spiders, tight spaces and being alone

Personality- Nadia is a tough little firecracker...with those she doesn't know, she's more than just a little distant, and it doesnt take much to make her mad (just change the TV channel)


Knowledge- Knows Spanish (it is her first language) and understands French though she can't speak it fluently; fluent knowledge of current events, and a quick study when it comes to math, science and figuring out instructions

Skills- Quick mind makes her very skilled at figuring out if someone is up to something; is also good at hiding, stealing, picking locks and escaping activity if she is too frightened for her powers to be effective

Nonskills- Not very good at cooking, and is a fairly poor opponent in games like checkers or chess; isn't skilled at keeping her temper either; very impatient, prone to angry outbursts or cold withdrawal from a situation she finds displeasing


Heat Absorption- Capable of relieving systems of their heat with a touch of her hand; can be accomplished by a kiss, a touch, or the like
    Sub-powers- Temperature-Extreme Resistance, Heat Conversion (uses some absorbed heat to maintain body temperature, uses some to maintain metabolic health, some for stamina; does not easily overheat)
    Power Scale- 6 (Can absorb heat from something as big as a car with no strain)
    Control Scale- 7 (Only intense emotional stress can cause involuntary absorption of heat)

Freezing Breath- Can generate and exhale powerful blasts of intense cold (often facilitates this by a kiss)
    Sub-Powers- Superhuman Respiration (can hold her breath longer, release stronger, highly resistant to smoke and airborne pathogens)
    Power Scale- 9 (Freezing matter to the point of almost instantly shattering)
    Control Scale- 8 (Can decide when to turn it on/off, can concentrate it into a kiss)

Nadia Gonzales

Celebrity Claim: Dania Ramirez


Name- Byne Turner

Nick Name/Alias-  Mr. B


Height- 6'0

Weight- 190 (average size)

Gender- male

Chronological Age- 26

Biological Age- meh...26

Skin Color- White

Eye Color- Deer Brown

Hair Color- dark brown (shaved)

Species- Superhuman (Human Mutant)

Other-  black Tribal tattoo on his left forearm, has a white and blue celtic cross on his right shin.


Likes- Video games, books, going for walks, dogs, girls.

Dislikes- cats, big crowds, moody people, veggies, organized religion.

Phobias- heights, cats

Personality- Byne is a very shy person. to everyone who dont know him, think he is a dick. while people who do know him, know he is very laid back and enjoys a laugh or 2.


Knowledge- very knowledgeable in religions and history. has studied 2 different types of fighting styles to atleast a black belt in each.

Skills- more of a strategist then fighter, but has studied in Boxing and Muay thai. quick on his feet. if he has to run, he will.

Nonskills- not good at talking to people. always says the wrong things at the wrong time. daydreams at the weirdest times


Apotheosis- Can adapt to whatever killed him. becomes immune to anything that killed him before
    Sub-Powers-Immortal in a sense. (takes a certain amount of time to revive back to life based on what killed him.)
    Power scale-9(adapting to almost everything that kills him)
    Control scale-4(can only control how he adapts to a small point after each death and cant really control how long it takes him to revive back)
“She'd become a governess. It was one of the few jobs a known lady could do. And she'd taken to it well. She'd sworn that if she did indeed ever find herself dancing on rooftops with chimney sweeps she'd beat herself to death with her own umbrella.”
― Hogfather
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Re: Character Archive.

In reply to this post by Zaleramancer

Name- Jack Ryder

Nick Name/Alias- Ace


Height- 6-1

Weight-  179 pounds

Gender- Male

Chronological Age- 21

Biological Age- 18

Skin Color- Brown

Eye Color- Scarlet

Hair Color- Silver

Species- Sub-human (1/2 Human 1/2 Demon)

Other- Elemental tattoo,Claw Tattoo,Rose thorn tattoo

Likes- Video Games,Fast Things,The Color Green,Using the word Epic

Dislikes-  Evil,High pitched noises,Death

Phobias- Dragons,Grim Reaper,Pitch Black Areas

Personality- Positive: Never backs down from a challange,Always tries to hide pain (until the point of passing out),Strong sense of identity. Negative:psyche snaps when looking at corpes or death,emotional when depressed,takes major risks


Knowledge- has knowledge of multiple high-class battle strategys,knowledge of weaponry and artilliary

Skills- Parkour,Mastery in ju-jitsu,skills in creating makeshift weaponry,skills in lying

Nonskills- Cooking,Making a straight face,Intricate finger movements


Power- Ability Amplify
    Sub-powers- Demon Version Can Weaken Powers also
    Power Scale- 6 (Can weaken A 10 rank power to a 4 rank)
    Control Scale- 7 (May accidentally weaken power instead of increase and vise-versa)

Power- Tattoo power
    Sub-powers- Claw Tattoo= unbreakable claws,Elemental tattoo=control over elements,Thorn Tattoo= thorn spikes
    Power Scale- 7 (enough power to combine abilities)
    Control Scale- 6 (may accidentally use wrong power)

Name: Flores
Alias: Leader Flores, The Leader

Height: 5 foot 7

Weight: 155

Gender: Male

Chronological Age: 34

Biological Age: 34

Skin Color: Dark Tan

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Species: Evolved Human

Other: unkempt beard, always a haunted look to the eyes, scars everywhere on his arms and hands

Likes: Getting money, achieving equality for himself and other superhumans

Dislikes: Feeling cheated, losing, feeling challenged

Phobias: None

Personality: Sadistic, aggressive, tenacious, stubborn. Demonstrates some megalomania and DID. When he comes into power, abuses it willingly and often. A stong and charismatic leader, nonetheless.

Knowledge: Self-taught general, excellent memory of various military ordnance, superb map-reader

Skills: Excellent military commander, strong leader, virtuosic planner of attacks

Nonskills: Keeping his temper level


POWER: Superhuman Strength

       Sub-power: body can withstand all forces necessary to utilize strength (note: no degree of Superhuman Durability)

       Power Scale: 7.5/10

       Control Scale: 9/10


Name: Ben

Alias: Ben Blank, The Bassist


Height: 5 foot 10 inches

Weight: 150 pounds

Gender: Male

Chronological Age: mid-20's

Biological Age: mid-20's

Skin Color: Black

Hair Color: Shaven

Eye Color: Brown

Species: Evolved Human

Other: Perpetually clean-shaven, walks with a bit of a limp, scar on the right side of his head


Likes: Jazz/Gypsy Jazz, quiet moments, practicing music, Stanley Clarke, Paganini

Dislikes: Rap, persistent cruelty, lizards

Phobias: Mild fear of heights

Personality: Laid-back, a little shy. Deeply passionate about music, however. Not easily riled or frustrated, but hard to stop when he does get mad. A reluctant hero. However, a little indecisive about big issues with one or more options. Suffers from almost total memory loss--remembers next to nothing from before 2009; his own full name is beyond his grasp. Deeply attached to his double bass.


Knowledge: intimate knowledge of music theory, can fix/repair his own bass, has all 144 scales and hundreds of songs committed to memory

Skills: Virtuosic double bassist, professional-level piano player, gifted improviser, speaks stilted French and English

Nonskills: Driving any vehicle with 4 wheels, using the Internet


          Music-Induced Manipulation: can manipulate reality via different musical patterns, chords, and partials. Effects range from making plants grow to withering animals to teleportation to manipulating a mob.

                Subpowers: Synesthesia--technically a condition, but nevertheless important to the ability

                Power Scale: 8/10

                Control Scale: 5/10; only knows what musical patterns do what by experimentation
“She'd become a governess. It was one of the few jobs a known lady could do. And she'd taken to it well. She'd sworn that if she did indeed ever find herself dancing on rooftops with chimney sweeps she'd beat herself to death with her own umbrella.”
― Hogfather
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Re: Character Archive.

In reply to this post by Zaleramancer

Name- Micky D(name he gave himself after eating at McDonalds)-real name unknown-suffers from amnesia from an "alien abduction"

Nick Name/Alias- Human Patchwork, Monster, Freak, Mixmatch(what his immature form goes by)


Height- 7ft 0 in

Weight- A little over 500 lbs.

Gender- Male

Chronological Age- 26

Biological Age- Physical 26  Mental:10, 17, 22, 26-He switches between immature and mature forms at random times triggered by epilepsy

Skin Color- Normal human skin and metallic right arm Mature form hides his metallic hand by wearing gloves on both hands

Eye Color- One mechanical eye(Alien origin) and regular brown eyes in the other. Mature form wears eyepatch to avoid attention(not really effective at hiding attention)

Hair Color- Black

Species- Alien, Human, Animal hybrid with some cyborg implants(previously evolved human with only human parts)

Other- His mature form looks like an evil overlord with cape and eyepatch, immature form is something like Frankenstein's monster with wings and metal parts


Immature form

Likes-Ice cream, video games, blowing things up, showing off usually goes off posing as a hero

Dislikes- Creepy looking people(irony), snakes(also irony-he has some snake muscles), swimming

Phobias-Tickling, Water

Personality- Immature form is an otaku(reads both American and Japanese comics)-and likes to do flashy finishing moves, unafraid of showing off his powers

Mature form

Likes-Coffee, trying to find out his past, McDonalds

Dislikes: Death, syringes, electricity, swimming, public speaking, cameras

Phobias- Aliens, electricity, swimming, having his "parts" exposed, doctor visits

Personality:Mature form is calm and collected and a bibliophile, likes to operate in secret prefers using his more sophisticate attachments


Immature Form

Knowledge- Knows all about comics both American and Japanese, knows most "weaknesses" for abilities based on the comics he reads

Skills- Can make up names for his attacks on the spot(However he doesn't find any cool enough to use consistently)

Nonskills- Drawing-despite his creativity Micky can't draw very well-mostly scribbles, Reading "science stuff"-it hurts his brain

Mature Form

Knowledge-Limited medical knowledge-gained by trying to understand his situation

Skills-Can sew, perform CPR, some first aid

Nonskills-Can't cook-only knows how to make "instant" things and cereal, can't attach other limbs to himself(afraid he might fail and doesn't want to end up in a hospital for obvious reasons


Power- Super-Adaptive Tissue
(He can adapt to any implant placed in his body as long as it is attached to his circulatory system and/or nerve endings, if it is organic it grows to fit his body)
    Sub-powers- Has enhanced limbs placed within his body from various lifeforms found on Earth and from other planets as
    well as some cybernetic implants and artificial muscle, also can take any type of blood donation

    Notable implants: Right eye of alien origin-seems to work fine with his normal human eye, Android right arm(can turn into
    a weapon and is strong enough to lift a locomotive, Retractable claws left hand fingertips reinforced with industrial
    diamond dust, Adrenaline pumping machine in heart-only known by his mature form, dense muscles-comes from various
     animals and some are reinforced with manmade polymers-increased speed, jumping power, and physical strength-10
     times human, Metallic Wings-Folds into a cape when not in use
    Power Scale- 7*-according to Micky's current implants(not including the ones he doesn't know about)
    Control Scale- 6-8* Micky can control all of his implants with ease however they malfunction near areas with lots of
    electricity also he has some problem with balance because of his heavy body(curiously his immature form actually
    has better control over the body because he tends to use all of his power instead of hiding it)

Power- Maturity Shifting Epilepsy (His mind shifts between maturity and immaturity triggered by bright lights similar to epilepsy)
    Sub-powers- His immature form is more powerful and creative, his mature form is calm and calculating,
    Power Scale- n/a

    Control Scale-2-He only remembers that he got hit with bright lights, also paralyzes him when he is hit with constant
    flashing lights(reminds him of the "alien abduction")


Name- Wayne Cobane.

Nick Name/Alias- The Invisible Sweeper, "just another assassin", "world's second best assassin"


Height- 6ft 5 in

Weight- 200 lbs (excluding equipment)

Gender- Male

Chronological Age- 40.

Biological Age- 30

Skin Color- Tan

Eye Color- Brown

Hair Color- Bald(Actually his hair is black but he makes it transparent as a disguise)

Species- Assassin

Other- Wears sunglasses and dresses in professional suit with tie, carries various weapons and devices hidden by his power


Likes- Guns. knives, money, living, women

Dislikes- Broken sunglasses

Phobias- Snakes and Scorpions(never misses a chance to blast them to bits)

Personality- Wayne usually takes jobs to kill those that deserve it, if possible but will take any job. Researches his targets beforehand. Prefers to take people alive and gives them a chance to surrender first. Anger management issues--don't mess with the sunglasses. Also makes himself out as a ladies man, when in his civilian persona. Also likes kung-fu movies and wrestling.


Knowledge-  A million and one ways to kill people, extensive weapons knowledge, political knowledge

Skills- Gunkata, Knife Throwing, Ventriloquism, Stealth-(moving without making a sound), knowing how to take someone alive, reading contracts, electronic bugging, lockpicking, hot-wiring, fluency in all major languages, martial arts, wrestling moves, other assasin skills

Nonskills- Knowing when to give up, Sweet-talk(Not really a good orator jumps straight to the point)


Power- Transparency(Wayne's main power is to make anything transparent)
    Sub-powers- Invisibility, "Hammer-space" , Invisible Death Traps, Can sense his transparent objects
    Power Scale- 8 (Can make a large city invisible)
    Control Scale-10, He can make things totally invisible or selectively and can also make things translucent
    Can also stop his ability and make things opaque again instantly

Power- Peak Human Potential
(Due to training and worldly experience Wayne has developed his body to its full potential)
    Sub-powers- Strength, Speed, and Reflexes above normal, able to carry huge loads without any apparent loss in speed
    Power Scale- 3 (Strong but not superhuman)

    Control Scale- 10 Operates similar to regular humans


Name- Various

Nick/Alias- Various


Height- Approx. 5'2"

Weight- Approx. 122 lbs  

Gender- Female

Chronological age- 16

Biological age- 16

Skin Color- Tan

Eye Color- Hazel

Hair Color- Dark brown

Species- Demi-god

Other- Very beautiful


Likes- Dance Music (dance to/listen to)

Dislikes-  Morons

Phobias-  None

Personality- Depends on where she's at and who she's with, usually free-spirited and care-free.


Knowledge- Can understand all languages and species.

Skills- Arts (musical, visual, culinary, martial, ect.) and weaponry.

Nonskills-  Sucks at any sport that involves a ball.


Classical Element Manipulation- can manipulate the classical elements (water, fire, earth, air, and lightning).
    Sub-powers- immune to any harm done by water, fire, earth, air, or lightning.
    Power Scale- 10
    Control Scale- 6 (powers are tied to emotions)
“She'd become a governess. It was one of the few jobs a known lady could do. And she'd taken to it well. She'd sworn that if she did indeed ever find herself dancing on rooftops with chimney sweeps she'd beat herself to death with her own umbrella.”
― Hogfather
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Re: Character Archive.

In reply to this post by Zaleramancer

Name- Violet

Nick/Alias- Shadow


Height- Approx. 5'2"

Weight- Approx. 122 lbs  

Gender- Female

Chronological age- 16

Biological age- 16

Skin Color- Light tan

Eye Color- Gray

Hair Color- Black

Species- Unknown

Other- Beautiful... in a dark, mysterious girl way


Likes- Poetry

Dislikes- Judgemental types

Phobias-  Unknown

Personality- Usually keeps to herself.


Knowledge- Speaks many languages fluently, including latin and ancient greek.

Skills- Arts (musical, visual, culinary, martial, ect.) and weaponry. Hand-to-hand combat.

Nonskills-  Sports and mechanics.


Dark Energy Manipulation- manipulates dark energy to create barriers, blasts, and more.
    Sub-powers-  ?
    Power Scale- 10
    Control Scale- 6 (powers are tied to emotions)

Psychic Powers- possesses strong psychic energy.
    Sub-powers- telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, pyrokinesis, empathy, and more
    Power scale- 10
    Control scale- 6 (powers are tied to emotions)


Name- Ivan Fisk

Nick Name/Alias- Heavyweight, Bruiser, Iron Fist (mostly by Fitz Tanner)


Height- 6'4

Weight- 263 lbs.

Gender- Male

Chronological Age- 24

Biological Age- twenties

Skin Color- white (slightly tan)

Eye Color- Green

Hair Color- Dirty-blond (sometimes shaved)

Species- Superhuman (Human Mutant)

Other- English with a Cockney accent and a muscular build


Likes- Fish & Chips, Spicy foods, exotic foods, bodybuilding and exercising (usually with weightlifting and sports), being a total bully, showing off his powers

Dislikes- nerds, know-it-alls, arrogant people (irony), being bossed around, stronger superhumans, superspeeders (don't ask)

Phobias- minor acrophobia (fear of heights), minor claustrophobia (can't stand being in close or cramped spaces for a long time)

Personality- very arrogant and likes to be in charge; hates when others challenge his authority (especially females, children and old people); very brash and reckless, due to his ability; likes using his ability often


very gifted at intimidation, interrogation and persuasion (by virtue of his ability); skilled at figuring out how machines work; very good driver,  good at fighting, especially boxing, wrestling (hehe) and street fighting (even without his abilities), decent swimmer


Power- Extra-Arm Generation (capable of protruding and retracting an extra pair of arms, the same size as his other arms, just below his first pair)
    Sub-powers- Superhuman Strength (with and without extra arms), Arm Regeneration (his body can regenerate from the loss of his normal arms, OR his extra arms)

    Sub-powers- Superhuman Durability (with and without extra arms)
    Power Scale- 8: extended extra arms enhance his incredible strength by 50 times
    Control Scale- 8: the extra pair of arms come out almost instantaneously and with an amount of pain that Ivan has learned to ignore; durability can withstand the force of an explosion (in addition, durability is passive, and strength is easy to control)

Power- Peak Condition (Peak Human Potential)- body is peak for his race, age, height and weight ("nearly-perfect" physique; also good for charming the ladies :D )

    Sub-powers- Superhuman Stamina

    Sub-powers- Superhuman Metabolism (can resist, but not totally withstand illness and poison)

    Sub-powers- Superhuman Willpower (can resist, but not totally withstand, telepathy and mind control)
    Power Scale- 7: takes exposure to alot of toxins (or exposure to toxins for a long time- about ten minutes-) to get him sick; takes about an hour and a half of vigorous exercise to tire him out completely; takes higher-level mind intruding abilities (Possession, Telepathy, etc.) to penetrate/overpower his mind
    Control Scale- 10: powers are passive, and thus are always active; no need to activate or concentrate



Name- Shye Natanel

Nick Name/Alias- Antaeus, Nathaniel, "Nate".


Height- 5'8"

Weight- 140lbs.

Gender- Male

Chronological Age- 15

Biological Age- 14

Skin Color- Cream white, slightly darker than human.

Eye Color- bright green

Hair Color- Raven black

Species- Elemental

Other- N/A


Likes- Being outdoors, reading, studying chemistry

Dislikes- Fighting, cold weather, those who would harm nature

Phobias- He does not have any phobias per se, but he is terrified of being overwhelmed by his own powers.

Personality- Extremely carefree and laid back, highly intelligent and understands chemistry. Is very gentle and loving, inclined to let other people do the talking, staying in the background during some arguments so he can hear both sides of the story. Despite this, he is still prone to terrible outbursts of anger, especially when his friends are threatened.


Knowledge- Can make simple enough chemical potions that can burn through some of the hardest rock and metal.

Skills- Decent hand-to-hand combatant, experienced with weapons such as spears, axe, hammers etc.

Nonskills- Because he is not from our world, there are some technology that he does not understand.


Power- Geokinetic Animation  
Sub-powers- Can create nearly any shape he can imagine out of the surrounding dirt and rock, such shapes include massive domes, weapons like hammers, spears, axes, etc. Also can create hands that appear out of the ground that are strong enough crush cars or even small trees.
    Power Scale- 5
    Control Scale- 7

Power- Longevity
    Sub-powers- Can heal from many different injuries as long as he is in contact with the ground. He will live far longer than a human and only look old when he's something like 249 years old.
    Power Scale- 6
    Control Scale- 7 (He doesn't have control over his healing ability, but it doesn't exactly make him indestructible.)
“She'd become a governess. It was one of the few jobs a known lady could do. And she'd taken to it well. She'd sworn that if she did indeed ever find herself dancing on rooftops with chimney sweeps she'd beat herself to death with her own umbrella.”
― Hogfather