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 The Arena

Fight fair!


What is the arena? Simply put, it’s the place you go when you want to cream somebody. You can use any character you can think up, and make them as powerful as you want. But there are rules to be followed in order to keep things fair. If you've already read the Persistent World rules, this should all look pretty familiar, but there are a few minor differences.


My personal favorite. A player can use any gun they so wish, within reason. Desert Eagle? Sure. M249 SAW? Go for it. The front-mounted chain gun ripped off a war chopper? Possible, but you‘d have a lot of explaining to do..

The point I’m trying to make is that if you can logically justify the use of a weapon, have knowledge of how the weapon works, and be able to efficiently explain these things to other players, anything goes. Exceptions would include any weapon too large to realistically be carried by your character, or carrying more weapons than your character could realistically be able to carry. The key words here are “realistic” and “logic.”

You must be realistic in terms of weaponry choice, and you must be able to logically explain that choice.


Magic and powers allow for a lot of opportunity to play unfairly. But, if used properly, can make for some extremely intense and perfectly fair fighting. Magic and powers are far too diverse to specify what is alright to use, so instead, I’ll specify what is not all right to use.

Anything that controls another character’s actions is prohibited. By controlling another character’s actions, you are essentially forcing a hit.

Anything that is unavoidable is also disallowed. This too falls under forced hits.


Writing melee combat is a fine art form. No matter what kind of character you play, no matter if you’re fighting hand-to-hand or with weapons, you must be able to describe every move your character makes. You must be able to describe the angle their fist as it flies through the air, how their body shifts weight as they move, foot placement; anything that you would need to take into consideration in a real fight.

Think in terms of Fight Club rather than Dragonball Z. Once again, the key words are “realistic” and “logic.”

Person A threw a punch at the face of Person B. If Person B were to be hit with the attack, then Person A would attempt to kick Person B straight in the junk.
So now, if the punch doesn’t land, the kick never happens. This allows Person A more versatility, instead of locking them into a long attack which would leave them in a position from which they could easily be counterattacked by Person B.


NPC’s, or non-player characters, are characters which do not represent the player, but are nonetheless controlled by the player. If a player so chooses, they may bring NPC’s into the fight, but certain rules and restrictions apply.

A player may not spawn limitless hordes of NPC’s. Nor may the NPC’s actions be explicitly controlled by the player. A player may direct an NPC to attack, but must intentionally leave the attack ambiguous, describing only what kind of attack the NPC launches. For example, Player A could make NPC A throw a punch at Player B, but could not specify what kind of punch NPC A throws. Likewise, NPC A could be directed to shoot at Player B, but what body part NPC A tries to shoot at could not be specified.

This is done to allow players to easily dodge or counterattack NPC attacks. Without this measure in place, use of NPC’s could result in a severe unbalancing, making situations where a one on one could turn into a five on one with relative ease.

Additionally, while hits may not be forced on players, hits may be forced on NPC’s, but an NPC may not be killed without receiving permission from the player who controls it.

Forcing Hits

Forcing a hit is the act of writing out an attack and the impact. This is the cornerstone of the forums fighting system. A player may not force hits on anther player’s character under ANY circumstance. If Player A launches an attack, it is completely up to Player B if they take the hit. Essentially, the entire goal of forums fighting is to corner an opponent via writing into taking a hit that they can’t logically or realistically avoid. Yet again, the words “realistic” and “logic” come into play.

Do not take excessive measures to escape a hit or bail on the thread. Even if your character dies in the Arena, you can simply bring him back, so losing is not a big deal. There is a winner and a loser in every fight, and it is not necessary to pitch a fit if you lost fairly. It is better to lose gracefully than to cheat your way to victory, and there will be repercussions for people who can‘t handle losing every once in a while.

Fighting Dirty

There are ways to be underhanded without breaking the rules. Things such as traps and poison are perfectly fine to use, but a player must notify his opponent before the use of these items come into play, describing exactly what they are and exactly what they do. This can be done either IC or OOC.

Killing Characters and Character Death

You may not kill another player’s character without obtaining their permission first; no exceptions.

Even if your character is killed, however, you are free to use them again in another thread. This is because there is no continuity between threads in the arena, unlike in Persistent World. Therefore, if your character dies, he dies only in that thread. Furthermore, and for the same reason, a character can be in as many threads as the Player so chooses in the


Rules Created by Thread Leader

Rules set forth by any given thread’s creator can be stricter or looser than the rules listed here. So long as it’s mentioned in the first post of the thread plainly and clearly, any of the rules here may be added to, bent, or even broken. Just don’t expect anyone to join if you decide to make things too unfair.

Now you’re ready to crush all who oppose you. Go, and rise to glory!

Modified rules take from here.

The primary difference is that we often employ much stronger characters than what they usually do.

Another important thing is avoiding Auto Dodging.

Don't effortlessly dodge or deflect every attack. (Unless you have a justifying reason of some sort). It's irritating and makes the battle screech to a halt.
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