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Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell

The war was drawing to its end but to the defenders still alive, only a few even remembered what a world without demons and warlocks was like. Since the day that the foul demon Jacob and his equally vile partner the demi goddess of the Dark Elves Lolth had escaped the Abyss, the world of Earth had been under siege.

Yes that is correct, our own planet under attack by actual characters that officially belonged on another plane of existence. "But don't dark elves appear only in the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons?" I hear the question already being asked. Not according to the legendary author Ed Greenwood whose novel "Dark Warrior Rising," I invite everyone to read because it proves that every wold has a version of the dark elves.

Back to our story now. Yes this is still planet Earth where magic and technology have existed side by side but except for those who have been trusted with this secret, magic is unknown to most of the human race because should magic fall into the hands of evil humans the world would be devastated...again.

During the Middle Ages it was decided that all good magic users would be trained in secrecy under the ruling of Merlin himself. Under the guidance of the child goddess Aphrael (tm) and the female human seer Sephrenia Darklighter (tm), an institution for magic that would be home to thousands in later centuries was secretly constructed in Shangri-La. It was chosen even above Ireland and England because here at least for a time everyone lived in harmony.

Fire, lightning, and ice streaked through the sky. Earsplitting crashes echoed continuously in the night. The very ground trembled and strained in agony. The wind whipped dust, ash, and debris though the air. Screams of people mingled with the thunderous crashes of destruction. Peace and calm crumbled as fast as the structures all around. All was in chaos. People ran in all directions trying to find a way out of the devastation.

Mitoru grinned. It was all too easy. He surveyed the carnage around him. His legions of mages and swordsmen swept through the city, bringing buildings and people alike to the ground. Like an unstoppable wave they went, destroying anything in their path. Mitoru was swiftly reaching his goal. The mighty castle of SilverMoon stood before him.

Reiame SilverMoon watched in horror as the kingdom he put his whole heart into quickly crumbled about him. It was incredible to him that such a powerful nation could crumble so incredibly fast. His expression of fear and hate were instantly visible as blue light washed over his face as the lightning invaded the night sky. He forced himself away from the window and looked at his wife and new child. Tears ran down his elven face. If he had to give his life to save them, he would and it may be sooner than he wished. He wrapped his arms over them in a tender embrace. His beloved wife, Kintalee also cried, her tears staining her husband’s shoulder pad. The small babe simply slept in spite of the thunderous booms. It wasn’t until the Captain of the Guard entered that the Elven King and Queen let go of one another.

“He’s here.” Said the Captain. Without hesitation, Reiame left to confront who he once thought was his friend and ally, Mitoru PeaceGiver.

“Keep them safe.” Reiame ordered the Captain. As he descended the stairs, he never knew it would be the last time he would see his wife or child, the child that would later be known as Sabrina SilverMoon, one of the founders of Ice Ray Academy.

Mitoru and Reiame met on the field of battle. “You knew this was going to happen eventually Reiame. Why don't you simply surrender and I'll make you one of my servants? Better that then dying in a fight you have no hopes of winning,” Mitoru said to the elf who was once his nearest friend but now many years later the only ruler in this world standing between him and conquest of Gaia.

“Mitoru no matter what evil has filled your heart I would rather die trying to save your soul then die without trying,” Reiame said in a voice, that though melodious, was still filled with sorrow. “You may have taken my kingdom, you may have killed our master but I prophecy that you will never rule this world for despite the evil wrought this day I foresee a group of champions rising up to defeat you. From whence they come I can not say for the mists of future sight prevent this knowledge from being said, but they will have a mastery of magic and weapons beyond anything you or I have ever known.”

“Ah yes you seemed to always believe good can defeat evil yet that did not prevent me from killing our master decades ago and starting my path of conquest that has brought me and my armies to laying waste to your once beautiful kingdom.” Scowling, Mitoru unsheathed his magical knightsword and looked into his foe's peaceful face one more time. But before he could strike, a huge pulse of arcane energies was felt within the palace and suddenly a bright light flashed into the air and was gone almost as fast.

“Now you will not kill my family either,” Reiame said and quickly unleashed the enchantment he had been silently casting in his mind. “They are no longer on this world but I have sent them far away so my wife and daughter will be able to live in a world untouched by your nightmarish evil. And with my dying breath, I cast the seal in place to prevent you from leaving this world!” With that final phrase spoken, a deathly pallor settled over Reiame and Mirotu both.

“What have you done?!” the enraged elf tyrant yelled as he watched in horror as his once fair skin began to age before his very eyes. He could instantly tell that this curse even if it did not kill him outright would forever leave him a shadow of his former self. But not willing to go so easily, he cast his own spell and the last sight Reiame beheld was his body slowly turning to stone.

“Men, this battle is over,” Mirotu said to his surviving followers. “This will make for our new capital. But you all bore witness that the cowardly Reiame Silvermoon would rather try to kill me with a spell at the cost of his own life then face me as a warrior in honorable combat. Therefor go throughout this world and scour the Silvermoon name from every tome and library. It shall be as if their dynasty never existed.”

Presently year 1999

From its current location presently in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, only those fortunate enough to attend there have ever seen the glories of Ice Ray Academy. For the past thousand years since it was created by order of Merlin and under the guidance of the Child Goddess Aphrael and her human female long lived sister and high priestess Sephrenia Darlighter, there have been many periods of peace and tranquility in both the world of magic here on Earth and the outside world too. But there have also been countless periods of war in the outside world which made magic even tightly restricted then usual so that the wards protecting the school could not be breached accidentally by a misfired gun or heavier artillery during the fighting and conflicts since the academy settled in its then current location in Alberta, Canada in the 1800's approximately.

During the World Wars and the Cold War of this last century, there were many times that graduates were secretly sent undercover with instructions to use their learned magical abilities to undertake missions for the Canadian government and in rarer cases the American government ass Aphrael and Sephrenia saw fit in accordance with the power of future vision and prophecy both of them possessed. It was during one of these battles in Australia during World War 2 and the Japanese siege there following the occupation of Singapore and the Philippines that a meeting took place that would forever change the way the school conducted its affairs both magical and with the outside world.

Due to the fact this is even now a sensitive subject among the Japanese and those of the countries they invaded during that time, I have been granted permission to have one who witnessed the siege of Australia to make a live appearance and tell us in his words what took place. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my drow associate of good Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup.

Name: Jayariel Drillowup

Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup
Age: 1000

Gender: Male

A good Drow who has rebelled against his evil race and his race's creator to help defend humans and the weapons master at Ice Ray Academy. Only known weakness is technology.

Combat skills or magic if applicable: Extremely powerful in combat with his magical scimitars he inherited from his more famous ancestor. Also has the ability to speed up in combat to the point only Martians, magic users or those with the proper technology can see him.

Background info: As a young child in Drow society, he watched the sacrifice of his dad as his wicked aunt performed it in service to the dread fallen demi goddess Lloth. Being a high priestess, she was one of the more important leaders at the time and still is these many centuries later. Jayariel fled the city not too long afterwards and made his way to the Surface World.

For centuries he wandered the world until pure chance put him in Australia during what became known as the Second World War as mortal humans termed it. Seeing how the allies were being defeated by the evil Japanese (that is how he viewed them), Jayariel would use his combat skills at night to prevent Japanese spies and saboteurs from attacking Australia and New Zealand while General MacArthur was planning his campaign to eventually retake the Phillipines and other countries captured and seized by the Japanese forces. To date no actual records have ever been uncovered or revealed to verify the existence of "The Spirit That kills By Night," as those who survived while besieging would come to call the unnatural entity that slew countless numbers of their countrymen.

When we left off, my associate Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup was explaining his secret role in World War 2 here on Earth. In brief summary, he aided the Allies' efforts at night by stopping and killing Japanese spies and saboteurs who would come into the guarded natural and man made harbors of Australia and New Zealand to try to capture Allied Intelligence agents, sabotage the Allied Pacific Fleet undergoing repairs there following the deadly battle of Singapore and at times attempt to even assassinate the Australian Prime Minister among other plots to cause chaos.

During certain stormy nights, Jayariel would not fight alone. You see, he had an old friend of his that could be called upon to assist him at times. When escaping his homeland of the Underworld long ago, he managed to acquire through means of bloody combat a magical relic in the shape of a black statue of extremely hard diamond in the shape of a cat. This relic was rumored to have been seized by the drow long ago from a human wizard of very great power during one of their infamous and gory surface raids. Whoever possessed this relic was able to call forth a nightmarish beast of great power and fury who showed no quarter but killed whoever it was commanded too. Very few drow who saw the beast in action would ever forget its evil scream and drow children were warned that if they did not think evil dreams, it would come upon them and drag them forever into the dark realm it resided in when not on this plane.

But for those who were like Jayariel, there was a different side to this animal. A side that longed for freedom from wicked owners, from being trapped in the statue unable to rest for fear of disobeying its current master and above all else a side that became eventually worn out by the never ending bloodshed it engaged in for the humor of those it served. While Jayariel was a student in the Drow warrior school known as Melee-Magthere, rumors abounded that this beast would appear to the most highly students in combat... and judge their worthiness to progress or die. But he knew it to be a rumor only for centuries earlier another drow more famous then he could have dreamed of someday being had stolen this relic and never been caught or killed. But if you do not know by now who this outlaw is, I will not give his name for a long time.

What very few knew except the female clergy at the Drow Academy Arach-Tinilith and the Matron Mothers themselves was that the stolen relic had a companion. This one was magically created by the Drow themselves after the first one was stolen by them to ensure if ever that was taken, they would have a way to track down and slay the culprit. Thus the evil nightmare was brought into being from its realm of eternal darkness to the Underworld. A being of flaming red fur and eyes the color of suns. A flame panther named Jaegarjumi.

Earth is but one plane of existence. There are other planes each dedicated to a different element. We turn now to the planes of fire and shadow for this chapter of my neutral histories. The plane of shadow. A place where light is unheard of except in the eyes of the beasts thereof. Truly any mortal being from this world would immediately die there from lack of warmth for as we all know without light to warm there is cold in the shadowy darkness of eternity.

In opposite contrast to this plane there is the plane of fire. While one might think only of Fire Elementals when this comes to mind, there are also red dragons, salamandars which are fire breathing lizards, chimeras which here are three headed beasts that spout fiery doom and in the deepest corners nearest the demonic planes of Gehenna and The Abyss you find Balor, Succubi, Archdevils and Glabreazu among the extraplanar beings I am able to mention without fear of immediate doom befalling me.

When these two planes collide, the mortal surface and underworlds know great chaos. Earthquakes and eclipses and volcanic eruptions are but a few of the physical signs of these happenings, but there are more secretive ways to know if one truly is touched with mage sight. For there exists in all planes nekos. That is correct you have heard right, cats exist in all planes of existence. They swim as catfish in planes of water. In planes of forest, you might hear of the fabled Cat Warriors of Efrava and their incredible strength of combat. And, very curiously as it may seem, when planes collide nekos infiltrate into hostile realms and they hunt for nekos there to kill them and devour their magical abilities to thus become stronger and wiser too. This is the true reason nekos can never be fully trusted by mortal beings for inside every mortal neko is the immortal spirit of an ancestral neko yearning for freedom to create mischief and chaos in life and in death too which is why nekos are cursed with nine lives to make immortality seem like a never ending wish and mortality a never ending dream.

In the plane of fire during one such raid by the nekos of shadow, there was a great battle between the forces of shadow and cold versus those of fiery chaos and warmth. Two great families were almost wiped out this day in secret but for two tiny kittens and the rulers of these realms decided it would be best if they were separated fully for fear that upon reaching adultsize and cast into the mortal plane, they would continue their bloodfeud and not stop no matter the mighty magic against them until one of these cats was dead and its bloodline finally eradicated forever.

And thus were Jaegarjumi the fire panther and Guenwhyvar the panther of shadow fated to be bitter rivals from birth long before the figurines housing their magical essences were ever formed.

There are places in the physical mortal world where great magic lays hidden and sometimes one can end up trapped if they are not careful. Ayer's Rock in Australia is one such location and the central setting for this newest chapter.

Following the end of World War 2 in the Pacific theatre, Jayariel Drillowup and his astral panther Jaegarjumi were assigned by the Academy to help cleanse Australia of evil magical beings the war had woken up and disturbed from centuries of slumber. Certain of these had been trapped deep within the Outback by good magic but the physical disturbances caused throughout the world by the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused this arcane prison and others like it around the world to awaken. You see, magic users of long ago among those who were mortal in this area of the world could never have comprehended a physical and magical disturbance of such power from non magic users.

In Australia many evil beings of magic had been imprisoned long ago by the ancient Maori shamans and by the Aborigine Tribal elders in response to a premonition that came upon the goodly magic users. According to the recorded legend, for a huge amount of undetermined years Australia and New Zealand had been plagued by evil goblins and other wicked fae outcasts. Unlike those on the other continents who had been banished into a deep sleep when the good and wicked fae divided into their warring camps and good overcame evil, here there were not enough of the good fae to resist and in a short time humans came to fear all of fairy kin. In the centuries that followed, while the outside world quieted from this war and the good fae again began to be outnumbered by humans, in the South Eastern Pacific Ocean the terror threatened to turn the islands here into places of the dead. Desperate for help as their magic proved useless, the natives called upon their gods for help and one fateful night a visitor was said to arrived at one of the remaining human settlements.

This being was very powerful, according to those who recorded these events, and it is said he spoke with an accent that seemed even more ancient then any known language spoken at the time. At first the humans thought he was an actual god and sought to worship him in their fear and naivety, but he slowly through the usage of magical images and communicating thought to thought mentally gradually broke through the language barrier through slowly and gently until they finally understood he was not from any part of the known and unknown parts of this planet at that time but from another galaxy or plane of existence as he explained it in their own terms. He was dressed like unto a traveler from far away but there seemed in his clothing to be an inner glow as though he had passed among many heated objects and yet not been burned as if his clothing had instead absorbed the light from without.

No name was ever given but he described to them a society far far away that used magic as well but not like any found here until the distant future and in time he was able to give them the required knowledge necessary to bind these evil beings deep underground that no more would they torment mortals. From far beneath the scarred grounds of the Outback, magical enchantments were set into place centered around Ayer's Rock and this knowledge was sealed away for thousands of years after his departure except in the tales told by tribal storytellers. According to the lore even now slowly being interpreted into English, this was the first non Earth human being to visit from the stars and the very first of what would be termed "The Great Teachers."

The enemy was everywhere and yet nowhere at all when they attacked during their brutal and destructive raids. This was because their magical abilities rendered them physically invisible to those majority of humans who had no magic and thus saw this as unnatural weather conditions. Those few currently living descendants of the powerful elders and shaman from long ago were able to see through the different glamors that shrouded these beings but for the most part their good abilities had weakened over time as no use for them to fight against the supernatural evil.

At first Jayariel was stymied by the raids for he could see no logical explanation on how each individual target was chosen. It was a simple answer if one only remembers chaos is not logical for the wicked fae would attack settlements hundreds of miles apart and literally leave the buildings torn into their basic materials while those humans unlucky enough not to have been killed outright or taken away as slaves for dark purposes were often too confused to understand they had been left as living examples not to fight back.

But the weaponsmaster refused to be so easily outwitted. With Jaegarjumi by his side he set out to investigate every one of these attacks by either viewing the records of these events which the newspapers were more then eager to document, beginning after it began to occur to people that maybe just maybe there was something going on besides unusual weather patterns, or by using his glamor of an American traveling author to interview those who were known to have survived. Within a few months the two managed to narrow down the area the attacks originated from to Ayer's Rock.

However the evil fae had known for a very long time they were being tracked and this infuriated them greatly. Certain few of them you have to understand were, like the hunter, rogue Dark Elves and the knowledge that he was not evil in nature like them but good caused racial memories from among the oldest of them to recall the great bitter war that drove the evil ones forever underground deep into the planet. They made a dark vow to the dark powers they served that his good deeds would not go unpunished and in the end a plan was created whereby a human girl would be kidnapped and held hostage with her life vs his if he came to rescue her.

The evil plan was slowly cultivated by the evil fae geniuses. One of their spies had taken note not too long ago that the drow hunter always seemed to return to one place of lodging. It seemed very odd as this was the residence of a minor human law official, so why would a drow reside there with the traditional surface enemy? Some magical scrying type investigation turned up some surprisingly unknown info that made their plan discussed last chapter even sweeter.

It seemed that this human had a tiny family, just him his wife and a beautiful (by human standards) daughter of almost the age of surface maturity in modern civilized times. But certain info overheard in the scrying suggested to the evil drow that this hunter might have lost his heart to...her? If true, it ran contrary to all drow laws of racial superiority and one ancient drow suggested that perhaps she might be the perfect bait.

More of the majority then ought be hissed and booed at this ridiculous idea. A drow and a human having feelings for each other? Preposterous! But some of those who remembered the ancient lore, reminded in non offensive tones that their great creator LLoth the Spider Goddess had oft taken mortal lovers among the gold elf and moon elf races and used them to bring about her plots of destruction when she once had an avatar created of magic above before being physically banished from Earth for her great evil by those who then drove the current fae rogues underground. What if a similar love enchantment could be used to snare this human so she would secretly fall in love with the drow when he came to rescue her? Would not this cause chaos in itself?

Slowly the idea grew root and not too long afterwards all the raids seemingly stopped. This struck Jayariel and Jaegarjumi as exceedingly peculiar even by fae standards. He contacted the academy by a unique form of telepathy only used by its faculty to thus prevent any non magical good beings or evil enemies from hearing their reports from alumni far away. "Sires," he said in human tongue. "These are very elusive members of my magical race. Neither I nor my familiar can understand why after so many months and attacks they have suddenly ceased their evilness?"

"Beware Jayariel," the headmaster of that decade slowly replied back. "Our oracle the Child Goddess Aphrael has recently informed us you have taken interest in a human female for her magical abilities only and not out of physical attraction. Beware for even though she could be trained by us, those you seek also have designs upon her, designs that could bring about changes to the world and the universe even. Tread cautiously or you will find yourself not only breaking the oath you told us about when you first came into our service as a teacher, warrior and friend of all good, but you may also find yourself facing the one you long ago swore to kill. But we can not dictate the path you must follow for only your heart can tell you of such things."

This left him utterly stunned as the communication pathway closed as simply as it had been created. The young witch was in danger and it was all his fault! The Drow and the panther ran on fleet footed winds of magic it seemed to the residence from the nearby forest where they had been communing in a warded location, but alas the cabin was in ruins and the girl's parents lay dead, both magically burned to ashes!!

Jayariel knew he had failed in his duty, but even he had not been prepared for this type of brutality. In stoic silence, hiding a very deeply repressed anger, he took a shovel from the shed in the yard and buried the girl's parents. As he did, he made a personal promise to himself that no matter how far he had to travel or for how long all of the murders and kidnappers would perish by his scimitars.

He afterwards had Jaegarjumi try to track down evidence of how big the massacring party was but they had used magic to fully conceal their physical traces. But he refused to give up the search so easily. With bitter feelings, Jayariel for the first time in a very long while embraced his dark elf heritage and began using his ability to sense and track heat via his infrared vision. At the same time, he sent Jaegarjumi back into the Astral Plane so she could hunt them from there too. After a few hours she returned with their scent and off they went.

The magically concealed trail led them directly to Ayer's Rock. There they discovered there were magical wards in place preventing beings like Jaegarjumi from passing through no matter what so with a cold feeling beginning to grow inside him, Jayariel dismissed his faithful companion and friend. He was on his own now and was prepared for anything the evil fae were prepared to use against him. Or so he thought....

He had no idea that their plans had involved placing her in a deep enchanted sleep and that it could only be broken by the magic of true love. Furthermore, he did not know that she was also enchanted with a love spell that would make her fall in love entirely with whomever awoke her. Thus while he traveled inside the famous landmark, her captors were preparing to cast a dark summoning ritual to bring forth not only Lloth back to Earth after so long in the Abyss, but even worse to bring as well her evil demon general Jacob who was once distantly known as Mitoru Peacegiver before the evil demigodess had heard his oaths of vengeance and turned him into one of her servants thus releasing him from the magical seal that for three thousand years had kept him alive and yet trapped in a body with limbs of stone thanks to the curse Reiame Silvermoon had cast upon him with his dying breath so long ago on Gaia.

After so long as an elf, he fully welcomed the permanent physical transformation and with it also the new powers of shapeshifting and being able to travel the planes of existence. In time his name would become synonymous with demonic evil. Lloth also transformed the most evil female elf servant from all his generations of rule into a demoness and gave unto her the name of Alexis and the ultimate evil curse known as the Bloodcurse. "For you both shall be my heralds of destruction and only the most pure in heart will have the power to cause any of you harm. This universe we will bring to its knees that the masters I have served forever and you both now do will rule forever!"

The above is just an example of my work and while it is only fan fiction I have taken very careful care to credit those who created the characters who are not my own. The Child Goddess Aphrael and Sephrenia belong to the late David Eddings. The race of Dark Elves (Drow) and Lloth and Guenhwyvar belong as trademarks of Forgotten Realms as licensed by Dungeons and Dragons currently owned by Wizards of the Coast as a division of Hasbro. Planeswalkers as a creature race/ type are used with permission from Magic the Gathering judges in Twin Falls, Idaho and Idaho Falls, Idaho as Magic the Gathering is a licensed division of Wizards of the Coast under Hasbro as well. As well Guenhwyvar is a creation of legendary author R. A. Salvatore.

Mitoru Peacegiver (Jacob the Demon) is one of my original characters as is Alexis the Demoness, Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup, Jaegarjumi the Panther and Corrine Daniels. Reiame Silvermoon also is one of my currently deceased characters too.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Welcome to the Forum! Sorry for the late reply.

I read through most of your post to get a general idea but I think I'll need to give it another closer read to fully grasp everything. Looked interesting.

Are you wanting to start your own RP here?
Romans 8:31 What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
In reply to this post by Chad Rockwell
This is the prologue to a series of fan fiction rping stories that combine Magic the Gathering, Forgotten Realms, the works of the late author David Eddings and modern Earth.

I have been working on these ideas since 1999 but only in recent years have the actual stories come into being.

If any members want to join my scenarios be my guest. I am not a normal rper though so any thinking so I apologize.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Are you looking to get some input for your stories? I could get a hold of Wulf, he likes to write a lot I believe, and I'm sure others would be willing to give some input as well.
Romans 8:31 What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
In reply to this post by Chad Rockwell
I delight always in feedback. Better that then never knowing if stories are good or bad for others to read.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Marvelous Miscreant
In reply to this post by Chad Rockwell
So, I read over this. And besides some confusion with the many names, largely because I'm not overly familiar with them, it was a rather interesting read. My interest is certainly piqued.

Welcome to the forum by the way.
Praise the Sun
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
In reply to this post by Chad Rockwell
All of my other stories in the Ice Ray Academy genre I will create in this thread to keep things simplified.

In the past I put all stories in separate threads but for here will do them all in one. Posting the completed ones in a few minutes one at a time.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
In reply to this post by Chad Rockwell
Ice Ray Academy: Path to Power part 1

Everything that could be done legally had been accomplished. Cheating was never an option anyway so now Chad Rockwell had decided that the next thing to do was simply unleash his rping greatness against Captain Excelsior and hope for a clean victory while trying his hardest not to godmode.

Knowing the nature of his opponent, Chad had spent many hours reading all about his moderator foe. That was the easy part because he had so many rp posts to his name. Chad on the other hand had the charisma and very bright intellect required for rping greatness so this would be a most interesting duel of mental wits and summonings.

On the given day, he sent an email to The Avenger Cave with the simple rules both had agreed upon and leaving to to the Cap to choose a neutral extremely secure location that would be able to withstand the extreme might of their unleashed imaginations.

Your move Cap.


Cap was cruising in the Vengercar, having just left the Turbo Cave following the conclusion of the Turbulence assault against the HOI. Corpsewake had been rescued. All was well.


The Vengercommunicator signaled again. Cap pushed the button for the hands-free mode. Safety first...since he was driving.

"Captain," Jarvis said. "We've received a message here in the Vengercave from a Chris...ahem...pardon me...from a Chad Rockwell, concerning some type of challenge. Are you familiar with this individual...and do you have any idea what he is talking about?"

Cap thought for a second. "Rockwell? Rockwell? Isn't that the guy who sang 'Somebody's Watching Me?' Nope, sorry Jarvis, it's not ringing a bell. Just file that message away in the circular cabinet. I'll be home soon. Tell George to fire up the the grill. We're eating in tonight. And let Victrix and Lyssy know I'm on the way home. We still have some things to discuss before they head back to Venus."

Cap clicked off the Vengercommunicator. Speeding back toward the Vengercave...he began humming...

"I always feel like....somebody's watching meeeee....."

"I see Jarvis. Thank you very much for being very cooperative unlike Cap'n Avenger." Sighing Chad closed the interplanar portal then went over to his genetics lab for some deep planning with his robot clones.

"Each of you knows my thoughts and so I do not need to tell you what the plans are again." Activating the shapechanging protocol, the clones turn into Captain Avenger and teleport to the following locations Jormungandr's lair, 5th Precinct, AEGIS headquarters, and yes even Ziggy's Glue Factory where they begin to cause lots of chaos.

"Besmirching his reputation was not at all what I would have wanted to do," Chad thought sadly. "But if it gets his attention sooner, the better off we both will be. I know just how much Captain Avenger prides himself on not letting chaos get to him so this is just right way to poke his vast ego a little bit."

Groaning Chad slowly awakens, body aching in every joint as he cracks an eye open and tries to focus on his seedy surroundings.

The last thing he remembers is hunching over his computer feverishly typing one-handed as the other reaches for his ever-present box of Kleenex... then what seemed like an earthquake hit and everything went black.

Slowly the room swims into focus, torn centerfolds cover the walls, empty pizza boxes and two liter bottles of Mountain Dew cover every available surface. Suddenly a figure comes into view, female, flame dancing around her head and crackling up and down her arms as her wings touch his ceiling. She stands over him looking around with a look of distaste written across her face and as he scuttles backwards across his floor till his back is firmly pressed against the stained wall. Wildly he whips his head back and forth looking for the grandma bot who usually protects him but stops when he hears her begin to speak.

"Welly welly well well, so you're the one who decided to pretend to be Cap to raise some hell and force our hand. Well, you need to be careful what you wish for my little droogie, because sometime wishes come true. Let me introduce myself, my name is Obsidian X and I'm the leader of the Lords of Chaos, you know... Captain Avengers league. Just wanted to drop by and let you know that you got your wish, now you're playing in the Turbo playground. Welcome to the bigtime little one, our fun is just beginning and yours, welllll I kinda think you had your fun already running your little Captain Avenger bots around so now it's our turn. Now one last thing there boyo before I go, get up, change out of those underoos, put on your big boy pants and buckle up and get ready for the most turbulent ride of your life. NO ONE messes with Cap or with Turbulence and gets away with it and we're just getting started..."

"Yes I am not surprised to meet you at all. Pinken Stein has told me lots about you guys and for a very long time I have been very big fans of yours," Chad said with a smile as he prepared for the promised and very much expected beatdown. "Too bad I am more of a thinker then a fighter but oh well. Maybe next time I'll be more ready indeed like if I am lvl 500." Then he easily summoned some more of his clones and vanished into a magical mist. "You may have beat me now, but you will never take me alive!" The room suddenly explodes from highly compressed charges of etherium and as for Chad.... well they say that revenge is best served cold since he has gone to visit some of his allies of himself and Jace the Mindsculptor Beleren and Zerocurew the Dracolich in the planeswalker core which is in the middle of the known Multiverse and only planeswalkers can travel to or summon non planeswalkers to.

Back at the glue factory.......

Fuma Hanzo, freshly recovered from the current strain of the RAGE virus, goes to the glue factory that serves as a cover and financier for their illegal bio-weapons lab. As he moves to the back office that hides the secret door to the ultra secret secret room, he notices a shadow moving in the darkness. He knew this was not one of his own ninja, for they would not be so sloppy. Hanzo draws his sword and swings!

The sound of metal on metal clues Hanzo in to the fact that this Capt. Avenger was a facsimile at best. That and the sparks flying out the side of his head where Hanzo had cleanly sliced off half the robot's face.

As he beat the replica of Capt. Avenger back, Hanzo took the opportune time to land one last strike in a lightning fast kick that sent the mechanical mishap reeling into one of the vats. Unfortunately for Hanzo, the robot grabbed his cloths and pulled the Ninja Lord over with him. With no other choice left to him, Hanzo teleported to safety, leaving his opponent holding an empty ninja suit.

Down below, Hanzo safely reappears in front of the Hanzo Ninja Clan guards who had come running as soon as they had heard the commotion.

Hanzo then leaves to the back office to call Capt. Avenger.

Hey Cap. Got some interesting news for you. Apparently someone is trying to set you up.

"Oh yeah?" Replied Capt. Avenger. "And pray tell why do you so easily forfeit this information?"

"Because," answered Hanzo, "The bastard stole my PANTS"

Your pants wouldn't have fit anyway. My clone was simply doing his job of causing mass chaos. Besides, why would you want me to be your enemy after all when we are supposed to be allies against The Shadow Rogue and Skelanimal?

"New clothing materializes all over Hanzo, custom made to his imagination's specifications."

Now if I was truly wanting to give you guys a bad name I'd have had the factory torched and left evidence implicating the HOI.

As the info keeps pouring inside his current hideout, Chad Rockwell can't help but to smile. Yes the robots are being destroyed but he can always make more of them. With his research almost complete soon he will have downloaded the weaknesses and strengths of every cash toon who does not cheat in the game at this rate.

Turning to his latest models, he really can't help but giggle lots. "Evil genius I most certainly am but what they took for being misinformed I say is merely appearing to be naive while my plot only thickens. Now go forth "Angelic Rogue" and "Skelanimal" to bring the chaos of my insanity to Alky's Training Facility. When I am done with my final models, then I will show all that my rping is most definitely not for jokes but that I am quite simply not in my right frame of mind since escaping from Super Villain City."

As the two latest models disappear via teleportation, he then opens up his secret vault of etherium that with each defeat of his clones only grows more powerful. "Soon very soon your new body shall be completed Dark Lord Yawgmoth. Then we shall show them that Phyrexia has truly come to Super Hero City."

Brr brr

brr brr

The phone was ringing.




"Pink what the feck is this Chad Rockwell guy going on about? He says you've been telling him stuff about us?!"

"Oh hi Obsy? Chad Rockwell? uh.... oh the guy with the Venger-clone-bots running around everywhere? Yeah he wanted to know who in SHC was so evil that only a lunatic would go up against them... so you know I said "Sin". And then he asked who'd be the best person to send up against Sin...well Cap seemed like a good choice there. You know, if you're going to send one person against Sin... never occurred to me he'd be so insane as to attack Cap...."

"Right. OK. What else have you told him?"

"I dunno. He just comes up to me chatting away when I'm out and about. Hitting people, drinking in bars. He just shows up... truth is I think he's a fan of Turbulence. It's all probably some attempt to get our attention. Don't think I've told him anything important... do we have anything important to tell?"

"Good point.... We're Turbulence. We like to hit people. We don't give a monkeys' ass about level and we don't care about win/loss records. No secrets there..."

"Want me to hit him?"

"Well that would be a start. He seems to think he can attack Cap with impunity."

"Yeah yeah. This cult of Cap is just a social structure you know. An attempt to replace the communal belief in religion and the state with a new "messiah" and a new moral code. Cap's just the focus."


"OK! Cap's my friend... people don't hit my friends. I'll go hit Chad.... anything else?"

"Yeah can you pick up some Havanas on your way home? For SOME reason my cigar box is empty..."

"The one you left in the kitchen? * cough * Probably Corpsewake nicked them."

"I'll talk to him. Honestly if stuff isn't nailed down around here it just walks..."

"OK. Bye then."

Pink hung up the phone, lit a cigar and smiled. Then she went to sort out the guy who'd pissed off Obsidian today.

Dr Vermicious woke in his customary seated position. It didn't matter. Every time he fell "asleep" his body dissolved into a pile of wriggling little creatures. As their energy returned over time they joined together again within the aura that was his skin. If he could have he would have vomited at the scene as it played back for him on the video camera he had removed from the studio of a local pornographer. After all, he would have no further use for it. A quick strike a little smoothing and the good people of SHC had another photographer specialising in weddings and children's portraits. He seems to have a really nice way with skintones.

Now that he was fully awake he became aware of noise and discord from the surrounding area. He walked out of his rooftop shack and looked over the parapet of the abandoned whorehouse. Funny how the pimps and johns had stopped hanging around the place. Dr Vermicious had indeed been a busy bunch of worms. In the street were a lot of guys who looked exactly the same. Same old school mask, spandex and shield. They seemed to be heading toward the nicer area of town where the old school superheroes live. His curiosity piqued he dropped into the street and walked up to the nearest.

"Excuse me," he sent "What's going on?" The reply he received surprised him and drove him to his knees (in a way, actually his lower legs collapsed into the familiar wormy mess). "Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee." A modulated electronic squeal hit him like a physical blow. He lashed out with the full force of his being, knocking the thing back and giving himself time to re-arrange his legs. Another four blows saw the thing lying dismembered at his feet. To be honest he had the feeling that his humanity was returning and the first of his emotions to recover was...... mild annoyance.

Looking down dispassionately at the destruction he had wrought, Dr Vermicious spotted something lying in the gloop that had once been a living thing. Picking the sliver of silicon and precious metals out of the mess he inspected it with all his sense. Hm. A bio-mech construct. Too advanced for this world and vaguely familiar. He turned at the sound of air being displaced and narrowly avoided a vicious slash from the shield carrying golem. It took six excessive blows to render the construct. Funnily enough despite the effort expended no ill effects were apparent. None whatsoever. Well, this would need further thought.

He turned and wandered back up the wall to his hovel. More thought indeed.


"Hmm so they have discovered that I am creating golems finally." Chad Rockwell thought about this for a little while. True though it was that golems were not very easy to create in the world of Super Hero City, where Chad was from they were very commonplace indeed. But if his new plans were to have more success he would have to go back to the evil source of his powers for more materials.

"Not a problem at all," he grinned cheerfully. "Mirrodin/ New Phyrexia has all the metals I will ever need and besides Karn and Tezzeret the real masterminds behind etherium can help me create even stronger golem models." Leaving behind magic barriers of soulless Eldrazi Drones to keep out all intruders, he traveled there with Zerocurew under the power of Jace the Mindsculptor Beleren for what seemed like a few seconds but in actuality was a few days.

While there he heard the news that the Phyrexian Invasion had come to a halt because of a new resistance group. According to the rumors, one Mirrodin by name of Melinda had discovered a way to slowly reverse the effects of phyresis, the process of turning living flesh to amalgamated zombie and machine parts.

"This will not do at all so I shall help out by kidnapping her and erasing her memory fully before stranding her here in Super Hero City." That being said, Chad enlisted the help of the infamous Glissa the Traitor to help capture Melinda. Glissa was once a Mirrodin who had helped overthrow the cruel machine tyrant Memnarch. But doing so had caused many of the wisest generation of elders on that fully metallic plane to vanish to the world of Dominaria they had originally been taken from. Glissa however had been captured by Phyrexian troops and turned into one of them. No longer a force of good, she now reigned as one of the evil zombielike generals of the invasion.

Now with her help Chad succeeded in fully brainwashing the helpless Melinda into believing she was his "sister" Jenna Firemage. Now with her and Zerocurew Dracolich by his side, all will feel his wrath soon enough!

Cap got off of the Vengerelevator....taking off his mask and cape, walking toward the kitchen where Jarvis has made a late dinner. As he walked by the study, George was clicking through the channels.

He paused for a moment on SHCN...where the anchorman was talking about a bevy of artificial beings disguised to look like Captain Avenger. They were attempting to wreak havoc in Superhero City. Attempting...because they weren't succeeding very well. Every time one of the constructs appeared it was almost instantly smashed to bits by either a friend of Cap...or a foe.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who was behind the skullduggery. Rockwell! Cap's Vengercommunicator beeped. Pulling it out of his Vengerutility belt...the caller id said it was Hanzo on the line.... He clicked to receive the call...

"Hey Cap. Got some interesting news for you," Hanzo said. "Apparently someone is trying to set you up." "Oh yeah?" Cap replied. "And pray tell why do you so easily forfeit this information?" "Because," answered Hanzo, "The bastard stole my PANTS" Cap stifled a chuckle. "Now...I don't care who you are...that's funny!" He thanked Hanzo for the information and switched the Vengercommunicator off.

Walking into the kitchen, Cap saw his friend and trusted ally. "Hey Jarvis, after dinner, can you look up this Rockwell fella? I have no idea where to find him..but he evidently needs a Vengershield shot upside his head. Maybe that will knock some sense into him." "Of course sir," Jarvis answered. "But first, here is your sandwich." "Ooooohhhh....PB and J," Cap said. Suddenly, Rockwell was all but forgotten. Again.

He found himself on this particular evening sitting quietly in front of the gates that bore the familiar /^A^\ insignia. Legs crossed beneath him, gazing out into the endless mountain ranges and fields that stretched below a sky colored in the deep reds, oranges, violets and blues of the last gasps of the setting sun.

Guard duty was always boring here, nothing ever happened. Most villains wouldn't dare to approach the halls of Aegis, it was simply illogical, insane to do so with all of the mighty heroes that inhabited the sacred mountain its temple sat upon. There was a watchtower he could see anything that might approach from, but he preferred to meet anything that might come head on.

His ears caught sound of something unusual, rhythmic marching with a clanking sound that beat heavily upon the rock. He stood slowly, eyes of pure silver, as bright as the full moon cast ahead attentively. After a few minutes, many figures approached, numbering in the dozens, well over one hundred, led by a single figure in front of them, one that held the visage of Captain Avenger. His eyes sifted to that which would belong to a dragon, now azure in color. He could see every figure standing before him for what it was, a soulless robot and nothing more. The one resembling the good captain spoke in a disgusting monotone, "We have come to destroy your home, Aegis. Stand aside or perish!".

With a smirk, he cracked his knuckles, excitement for something more than another night staring into nothingness presented to him like a well-wrapped gift. Five words escaped his lips with eagerness. "You are welcome to try...".

In an instant, he charged toward the robotic army with a mighty leap, unsheathing a katana nearly longer than his whole body. He came down in the middle of the poorly organized group, cutting down several of them with one mighty swing that knocked back anything in the immediate area not caught by the blade itself in the gust of force that came from it. The entire group started to close in on him, slowly in that same rhythmic march. With a flash, the humongous blade had shifted itself into a shining gauntlet that covered his entire arm, from the newly formed claws at his fingertips, to the winged pauldron on his shoulder, streaks of blue electricity shooting up and down the length of the weapon. He was a master of hand-to-hand combat, preferring to rips his opponents to shreds up close. He possessed a weapon that could change to suit his preference.

He took great pleasure in forcing his claw into each robot, tearing at their servos and circuitry, crushing their heads and seeing their computer brains and oils squirt out from between his fingers. His speed and reflexes were far more than any artificial human could ever expect to handle. Like lightning, he moved from one opponent to the next, dismantling each one in a frightening blur. The entire army was left in a pile of frayed shrapnel and debris within only a minute, all except their fraudulent leader, the wannabe Captain Avenger.

"Feel the wrath of the avenger!" It cried out in its annoying monotone once again, charging toward the warrior of Aegis. in a similar flash that had taken the "lives" of his army, the fake captain found himself lifted high off the ground, neck in the vice-grip of his opponent. "Listen well, whoever sent this heap of trash, and I know you're watching and listening..." said the warrior. "Next time you want to take on Aegis, bring a real army... and lead it yourself so I can rip your soul out of its shell!"

With those words, flames of the deepest, darkest black surrounded his body, surging through the gauntlet and finally covering the body of the fake avenger. Slowly the metal body began to melt, the warrior staring intently into the eyes of the robot that served as cameras leading back to its creator. First the skin, then it's artificial muscles, nerves, and metal bones melted away into a liquid puddle, until all that was left was the shell of the head and the neck the warrior held onto. He dropped it to the ground, preserving this last piece of the robot so he could send one final message.

"Oh, the name is BlackFire. Don't forget it..." With those final words, a foot smashed what was left of the fake Captain Avenger flat.

A minute later, the gates of the great hall opened, The Wanderer came walking forward to take his turn at guard duty, eyes scanning the carnage that lay all around BlackFire, likely analyzing facts and figures as fast as the metallic army had been torn apart. "So..." Wanderer spoke after a few moments. "what was this all about? Everything alright?"

"It's taken care of", BlackFire replied. "Have no idea what it's about. "One of them looked like Cap though..." "Captain Avenger?" "Yeah." "Interesting. Looks like someone is up to no good... that or it's a bad joke. I think the juniors could have beaten these sad things..." BlackFire shrugged "Probably. Enjoy the evening, maybe they'll send a batch of toys for you to play with." He walked toward the gate lifting his left hand in a waving gesture, not looking back as he entered the temple. Wanderer arched a brow toward BlackFire.

"What, not gonna help me clean up?" "Figured you'd want to analyze it or something. Have fun!" Blackfire disappeared into the temple. "Hm, fair enough..."

"Jenna Firemage" now walks the city streets by herself under the watchful eye of a few invisible golems totally unable to be sensed by any forms of technology or magic known to this city. What she thinks so far has been her unknown powers defeating all who have come against her have been the golems themselves.

"Bait has been set," Chad Rockwell thought to himself pleasantly. "Now who will be the first to befriend this new addition to the world and my newest ally unknown even to themself? Unlike with Zerocurew, I shall let her fend for herself and make her own acquaintances here as I manipulate her memories again before I begin to help her regain the memory I stole of her innocence on Mirrodin."

Meanwhile Chad would pester Captain Avenger even more as he sent a computer virus into the Vengercave to hack all communications and prevent him from being able to receive or send further messages to his allies in Turbulence: Lords of Anarchy.

As Cap slept, the Vengercomputer anti-virus and firewalls easily dispatched of the virus that was sent to infect the Vengercave's systems. You don't get to be a billionaire, genius, philanthropist, playboy superhero without learning a few tricks. Cap rested well, knowing that the Vengercave's systems were impregnable...and could easily withstand any cyber attack.

Anyone who said otherwise about the Vengercave's defenses was clearly living in a fantasy world. "Very nice. Security is definitely going to be tough to crack." Chad grinned. It was time to bring in the professional H@XX0R. While he prepared to summon him, Chad decided to check up on how the clone of Zerocurew was doing in Athens. "Hmm the titans were too easy with the training regiment I have him on. Guess this means he is doing very well indeed for now. But I think Tokyo will prove to be a big challenge if he does not get new abilities soon."

Hearing the message from Blackfire, Chad smiled. "It is nice to see that AEGIS has very good watch around their headquarters. Must remember to upgrade stealth capabilities so that the bots are harder to see and hear in all spectrums used in this world."

Heading back to his laboratory, Chad thought perhaps about making a clone of "Sin" but decided against it. "That would be going way too far and I have been very lucky not to be banned yet so I will not press my luck again yet for awhile."

Fuma Hanzo jumps up from where he was sitting. Excited, he nearly knocks over the high tech surveillance computer that connected him with his multitude of spies across SHC. Quickly he ran out from the super secret secret room, through the office, and out into the hall that led to the glue factory. Suddenly he slams full force into Ziggy Stardust, causing both to collide with the floor. Quickly regaining his feet, Ziggy offers a hand to his old man and pulls him up.

"What's the rush Dad?" he asked as Hanzo started off back down the hall towards the exit. "My spies have located the Avenger Bot factory! They just reported in with some important information!"replied Hanzo.

"The location of the perpetrator?" asked Ziggy. "No son. That Aegis has a really nice watch somewhere around their headquarters. Do you think it has diamonds?"

[Hearing the message from Blackfire, Chad smiled. "It is nice to see that AEGIS has very good watch around their headquarters. Must remember to upgrade stealth capabilities so that the bots are harder to see and hear in all spectrums used in this]

I awoke with a start. Yes. I. Control is all, control of self is first. Where had I heard that? Never mind. My thinking on the Chad problem was over, along with the various scenarios played out during my little worms down time. Now, time to sort this out. I walked out and hopped over the parapet, delighting in the feel of my feet squashing and reforming. I could have just floated down but where is the fun in that. Fun? What am I thinking? How come I'm feeling again?

"We decided it was better you recovered your humanity, better to understand them, better to deal with them." Voices in my head. The last thing I need. "No," came the reply, "Exactly what you need. How else can we communicate with you? We have a lot of time and energy invested in you, not mention millions of our children. How are they by the way? Lost any? Need a top up?"

"Who are you? What are you? What am I? Why did you do this? Why am I here?"

All of the above streaked through my thoughts and brought back a feeling of amusement, not mine but that of the ....What? "What can I call you?" Again the feeling of amusement. "Mommy would do. Or Daddy. Whatever you feel like. It will be neither appropriate nor inappropriate. It doesn't matter." "OK. I shall call you Bob. Is that OK?" "That'll be fine. Now get on with it."

"Bob?" No answer. Ah well. Let's see to Chad. I walked towards the point my sense told me was the spot where Chad was to be found. Walking? No. My mind stretched a bit and I found myself in a large room, luxurious, walls paneled in dark oak and lined with library shelves weighed down with objects, books, scrolls: the usual paraphernalia of a low level magician. Chad turned and smiled. He walked away from the view which I realized wasn't a window but some sort of large scrying glass. Unusually it was attached to a very modern looking control panel, rather reminiscent of a studio mixing panel (More memory! I'll have to check this out later). He walked toward me and stuck out his hand.

"Dr Vermicious I presume. Or do I call you Snip?" I ignored the hand and he clasped it with his other and rocked back on his heels. "Etiquette not within your memory yet? Never mind. You don't really matter." I closed the space swiftly and grabbed him by the throat. Squeezing hard. Enjoying it. He gurgled his amusement and attempted to teleport away into another plane. Where I still had hold of his throat. The amusement turned to horror as he realized what had happened. As long as I maintained contact I could go wherever he did. My other hand came round in a stunning blow.

Then smooth. A practiced motion. Mischief gone from his mind, no evil, strange. Chad shook his head and smiled. "You really thought me evil? Not really, just bored. Desperate for some sort of challenge. You might just be it." He knocked my hand away before I could recover from the confusion. As he disappeared I caught his last whispered thought. "Say hello to Bob, won't you?" Gone for now but he'll be back. But who or what is LOKI? More puzzles dragged from a strange and twisted mind. Ah well there's always next time.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Previously on Path to Power...

Chad Rockwell had set in motion a plan to discredit Captain Avenger through the use of golem clones to spread chaos and distractions throughout Superhero City. However though the plan failed to do more then send Turbulence members mainly after Chad with vengeance on their minds for the most part.

Time is now less then two months later and a new plan is being formed. Who will be the new targets and what exactly is the meaning behind "Phyrexia" in Superhero City? Stay tuned for a new episode.

Path to Power Part 2

Chad Rockwell was slowly putting the finishing touches on his newest creation. A clone yes but not of any hero like last time. After years of researching and months of development on Mirrodin/New Phyrexia it was time to restore the Dark Lord Yawgmoth, The Machine God of Phyrexia to life finally. Yawgmoth: a name whispered with fear in the former planes of Dominaria, Rath and other places centuries ago ravaged by his hordes of zombie and machine followers and minions. Billions were slain to bring about his wondrous plans for planar conquest but in the end it had been the work of the (expletives deleted) Gerrard Capashen and Urza Planeswalker along with the forever cursed Legacy that had sent him into a long sleeping coma and deprived him of much of his godlike powers. However his spirit had never fully been destroyed and over time he had send dreams through many planes of existence hoping to gather new "Seekers" to find and restore him to his former glory.

Chad Rockwell at one point long ago in his innocent days would never have succumbed to such dark powers. In fact for a long time he had sought to stop evil even during his beginning years as a recruit of the legendary Team Rocket. But gradually over time darkness had begun to build up inside from his fights and now he knew why. Yawgmoth's spirit had slowly been infusing him with power while burning away his goodly scruples and morales. There was only one way to stop this evil from taking full control and thus the need to resurrect Yawgmoth in a new physical body. Unknown to all but his ally/sometime foe Zerocurew the Dracolich, Chad had discovered a way to charge etherium and darksteel with power subtly drained off his foes in fights during recent years and months. It was an accidental discovery indeed, but for Chad it was the beginning of a long dimmed rekindled spark of hope inside. If all was to succeed, sacrifices would still have to be made and soon for the secret vaults in Ice Ray Academy containing Yawgmoth's new golem body would not long hold out against public discovery. An extremely rare gemstone called Carcarot was all that was needed to bring all the systems into active mode and thus Chad and Zerocurew now begin a difficult quest to retrieve this gemstone material from Sin's City itself.

You can use me. But if you paint me in a less than Sinful nature I'll pull your plug and punt your puppy so damn far the NFL will have no choice but to bring me on as a consultant. You will not regret this oh evil one indeed. It shall be a great honor and privilege to show all others you are still evil indeed.

Sin had been watching closely the activities of this villainous duo of low leveled characters and their desire to spread chaos and mayhem in his name. But could he trust them to do what so many of his other minions had failed to accomplish? There was only one way to find out... a test of sorts.

A messenger of Sin soon arrived at Ice Ray Academy. Chad Rockwell and Zerocurew the Dracolich were to retrieve a certain artifact of power last seen in The Final Directive. Failure to do so would result in a most agonizing death for Chad and for Zerocurew subsequent banishment and removal from existence permanently. They accepted the challenge and went forth... into Super Villain City again...

St Joan watches.... Sin sending people out in search of artifacts full of his power?"Oh no not again" she groans, holding her head in her hands....

Entering the portal provided by the crazy genius Dr. Fulkherth, Chad and Zerocurew went looking for the truly evil genius Dr. Argon. According to rumors Chad had heard during his incarceration there, Dr. Argon was the one who dealt with all artifact smuggling in Super Villain City. They had not traveled too far when some of his flunkies stopped them in their tracks. "No one sees the doctor without an unlawful appointment." Zerocurew grinned evilly and sent them flying straight into a toxic waste dump.

Rex sits at home with his deck of cards, playing a ccg with one of his friends. Suddenly he exclaims,"AHA! I summon.........."

"Chad Rockwell! Go forth my minion and destroy! Wreck havoc! Rape the villages and pillage the women!"

OOC: My character is not a rapist. I do carve out my own paths of destruction but according to the rules of my own game 'Rex. But I am enjoying the fact that you seem to think you can predict everything I am going to do, especially since all my actions since creating this thread have been completely spur of the moment. But time for the evil to return.

When the flunkies pulled themselves out of the dump, they were a lot more respectful indeed toward Chad and Zerocurew. "Dr. Argon foresaw your return but he simply wanted to test to see just how mean you both had become. You may now go visit him but do take care. He has been expecting you but there may be more on the line then an artifact more powerful then Amulet of the Legion."

Chad smiled at their last words. "Unlike last time, I am in a mood to negotiate with the doctor concerning his vast ego. This time I have brought him something he has long wished for indeed. The secret to becoming as powerful a boss as Shaitan himself if he has the item we seek." Zerocurew slowly opened up a small pouch and lifted out a vial containing a secret substance. "Dr. Argon please show yourself. We have here the formula and the proof that solid to liquid etherium and darksteel alloy does exist according to the email you sent previously requesting more information then word of mouth alone."

A few seconds later Dr. Argon walked out of the shadows with a few of his personal mutant bodyguards in tow. "Chad Rockwell and Zerocurew the Dracolich, you do realize I'll have to examine the formula completely to test that it is truly that bit of last research required for my final transformation into a Elite 2 boss more powerful then The Shadow Lord. While I do so, in turn I shall let you both examine this most delicate piece of evil craftmanship I discovered shortly after being cast down to this insane city." Taking a bulky clothed object out of the hands of his nearest bodyguard, Dr. Argon and Zerocurew exchange items. "As promised this is the Bloodstone Foundry. It can restore the powers of any who were once evil back to their full prime , even if they might have lost memories. All that is required is to have a corrupted longing to do only evil."

Here is a description of the Bloodstone Foundry. Made out of crystallized ever boiling human blood it continually pumps out a regenerating evil mist that surrounds all who use it in an aura of neverending wickedness. Side effects of misuse can include the following: massive psychic or physical trauma as you use it longer, hallucinations, feelings of grandeur and immortality and a small chance of instant death from arcane forces.

Following their meeting with alien supervillian Dr. Argon, Chad Rockwell and Zerocurew decided to come up with an evil stratagem to fool him into believing the serum they had brought would allow Dr. Argon to overthrow the dreaded Shadow Lord and become an ultimate boss. "Zerocurew, we may have to create a magical illusion through use of subtle hypnosis." Chad telepathically said to the undead dragon lich (dracolich) who was his former nemesis but now a valuable ally. "This will be an interesting challenge indeed." "Yes Chad, due to his highly advanced humanoid mental capabilities, Dr. Argon will require our greatest efforts."

Suddenly Jace the Mindsculptor Beleren , Chad's patron as well as Zerocurew's bodyguard, appeared before them. "Do not fret my friends. I will grant you the ability you require. But know that all power comes at a price. The Bloodstone Foundry you have been presented with is the genuine article. With it, the eternal evil Sin shall regain that which was lost. Now then, what are you willing to give up to fulfill your quest?" For several minutes Chad and Zerocurew thought it over. Finally they decided what to sacrifice. "I am willing to forsake all good and become a foul villain in the secret villains guild Ghost Nation," Chad proclaimed. "I shall forsake looking human in appearance when not in my true form," Zerocurew said in his undead rattling voice.

"Very well. Listen carefully. For this ability to work, Spellfire and Chad's Bloodcurse must be combined extremely cautiously in the nuclear waste facility here in Super Villain City. Once that has occurred temporarily you will be able to read Dr. Argon's thoughts. He believes you two are bumbling buffoons but you both can prove him wrong. To show you that everything will turn out well I will let you gaze into the future that has not yet come to Super Hero City. Now look and behold!"

Jace then showed them a vision of the city a few months from then. They watched as Sin helped overthrow those who had robbed him of his great power and memories. They also bore witness to the rise of a brand new league of darkness within Ghost Nation itself. "This league will be under your control Chad. But for these things to happen Sin can not be allowed to lose the foundry to the forces of good. For this reason only, you must allow HOI to take posession of it until the time is right. This shall be the signs of the time. Sin will again take over the city and overthrow its puppet of a mayor. The infamous Doc Zwiggle and the Chameleon will not claim the title of Best Villains 2012. Now go forth and bring a new age of evil to this universe!" Then Jace vanished into the Aether between the worlds.

OOC: I forgot how much of a badass I used to be until i saw this. I got neutered somehow, taken back a notch. I allowed Sin to become part of the system, part of what was "ok" in peoples eyes. No more. i will use this as part of my final Sin form. Molterion will be turned. Chaos will once again return to the streets of SHC, not tyranny. Chaos. Ahh, inspiration. I needed it. I have it. thank you...

After Jace disappeared into thin air, Chad Rockwell and Zerocurew brainstormed for a few days in secrecy trying to figure out the best way to combine their separate innate abilities into what was required of them. They knew far better then most magic users the dire consequences should it fail. Super Villain City would be blown away in halves as a result of the nuclear waste blazing out of control!

Slowly the process began as Chad began to cast minor spells at Zerocurew. As these were reflected with the dracolich's Spellfire, Chad felt his bloodcurse slowly awakening. It was a time consuming process that would last for several days as he had not allowed it to go out of control in many long years. However due to his training he was prepared to change to his Animagus form if it proved necessary to keep his powers from going out of control.

A simple explanation of the Bloodcurse will now be given. Listen carefully for this will not be repeated again. When Chad or any of my other characters thus afflicted begin to feel extremely stressed out they will randomly begin transforming into people or creatures he has met over the years. Unlike The Chameleon's/ Fumas Hanzo's ability though Chad remains in control of his thoughts the entire time. This curse's nasty side effect is that every time the afflicted transform they lose ten years of their natural lifespan. This loss of life is permanent.

A red light began to slowly play over Super Villain City. All those it touched began to lose their minds in an endless rage of anger. Fighting began breaking out everywhere as the power of War was slowly unleashed from the Nemesis Star as it poured through from the dimensional portal connecting this realm and Super Hero City.

The light came to the Nuclear Waste Facility and began to pour into the area where Chad and Zerocurew were casting deadlier spells at each other. They both had known that this was the only way that Chad's Bloodcurse would effectively activate but to what new form he might change into was anyone's guess. Suddenly Zerocurew sensed the presence of the light. He tried to warn Chad but a huge explosion filled the area with the scent of brimstone. Chad's bloodcurse had transformed him into Errtu the Balor!

Errtu is some twelve feet tall, covered in red scales, with a large pair of bat-like wings and a tail, and is frequently described as having a horned, ape-like head and a canine maw. When he's in the throes of lust for power, he drools an acidic saliva. Errtu's voice is gravelly, guttural, and harsh. He is the ruler of a layer of the Abyss characterized by the growth of giant mushrooms, and even has a throne carved into the stalk of one. In battle, Errtu usually uses a many-tailed whip of flame, a sword of lightning, and his considerable magic, wits, and demonic strength.

But wait, what was this? The wave of magic was not done yet. It filled the area and began to coalesce with a huge pool of waste that had been there for a year perhaps. Evil began to awaken in it as it came to live. "I am Sludge and this city shall be mine!"

A few weeks after the riots have begun at the same time as his clone transferred into a less volatile and hostile version of himself, Errtu the Traitorous Balor has been summoned from Super Villain City back to Super Hero City to help save "Robin D Hood" aka Rex The King of Thieves by his patron. This is but a few lines of their brief one-sided conversation.

Momentarily the scent of brimstone fills the air as the real Errtu the Traitorous Balor appears on the scene temporarily. "You have a very determined patron somewhere who will not take no for an answer," he growls angrily at "Robin". "Hold on a second this could be rather painful. Grinning maliciously, he unleashes a tiny amount of hellfire from his demonic self just enough to cauterize his wounds. "When next we meet, simply remember that as my name implies I am liable to switch from ally to enemy at any given time. Now I must return to Super Villain City to continue with the aid of Zerocurew the Dracolich to stop the ongoing continuous riots that have been going on since the last recorded event in "Path to Power 2." So far we have not yet encountered any of the Lords of Sin but they are a deceitful lot of conniving fiends who for all I know be attacking a different location that above all others must be kept as secret as the TurboCave my magical clone was at for the party a few months earlier. Now I must return."

With that he was about to return to where he had been but the TurboCave security had been activated and within a few minutes the Super Cops had him fully surrounded. Knowing his clone had by now returned to the magical essence from which it had been formed and extremely certain that very few of those in SHC knew of the ongoing threat to it from the "Nemesis" Star, he decided it was the better part of prudence for now simply to surrender rather then to leave a lot of angry law officials suing him for medical damages.

Pink wandered through a few hours later, coffee cup in hand. "Oh hi Robin... what are you doing here?" "You fecking stabbed me remember? With this sword?" "You're not still going on about that are you?" Pink huffed. "YOU STABBED ME WITH A SWORD AND SEVERED MY SPINAL COLUMN!! YES I'M STILL GOING ON ABOUT IT!! What happened to that plaster you were getting me anyway?" "Oh was that what I went into the kitchen for? I'd forgotten. I got distracted by the food.... and the coffee... want some coffee? You don't seem to be bleeding anymore by the way..." "Errtu cauterized the wound... but he left before I could get him to pull the sword out." Pink looked puzzled. "You're a shape shifter... why didn't you just rearrange your molecules so they were outside the sword?" "Ohhhhh...." Robin D Hood winced "Never thought of that." "Ok. Well... come get some coffee in the kitchen when you're done there." Pink shrugged and walked away again.

As the Super Cops cautiously took Errtu away to a specialized cell inside one of top secret holding facilities, he patiently awaited to see who would dare come to question him. Soon enough one of the psychoanalysts came into his cell. "Hmm you always seem to have a knack for requiring my appearance when dealing with these technology reliant mortals," the shrink says with a smirk on his face. "Jace you scoundrel! I thought you were going to lie low after what Dr Vermicious and Bob put you through?"

The infamous planeswalker laughs at such a low underestimation of his abilities. "Really Errtu you should know me far better then that by now. After all if not for my help, neither you or your other characters including myself would have even traveled from the land of Faerun to the modern futuristic world of Superhero City via way of the transdimensional magical gateway powered by my magic, the Abyss and the power of Lloth herself. It is because of that very gateway that I am here."

"Yes I remember how me and my other cloned siblings were awakened long ago," Errtu says in Chad's voice slowly. "Not only were you freed when The Abyss came to the human world, but the drow were unleashed as well. However that will have to wait another time to be discussed. What about the gateway is so important right now Jace?"

"The Lords of Sin have discovered its existence Errtu," Jace said simply. "At first they thought The Abyss was merely a side-effect of their own nefarious powers going haywire when they fought the Foundry a few months earlier. However when the Nemesis Star's light caused your current bloodcurse form to activate and caused the supervillains and demons to go crazy with feelings of conquest, it affected the gateway much differently. Now it is draining LLoth of her powers and the Drow have grown rebellious. Jaden and Jayariel Drillowup have had to forge an alliance to keep the populace of Mezzoberran from tearing itself to shreds since the magic hit the city. It will be soon required that the Superheroes of this city learn of the existence of Mezzoberran and the Abyss for I sense many great innovators and thinkers alike who possibly could find a way to reverse this drastic change. But you have very little time indeed. When the current year ends, the gateway will be sealed off permanently and all travel back and forth between the past and present timestreams via magic will be halted for human, drow and demons alike. You will have to meet with the leaders of the most powerful groups of heroes and villains in this city. Tell them however you are able to but do not allow any to know the Bloodstone Foundry is the key to removing the Gateway from this dimension. Otherwise Sin will not be able to use it to gain his ultimate form."

Zerocurew the Dracolich was having a great time in Super Villain City. With Errtu the Traitorous Balor no longer there to keep him under control, he had reverted back to being his Chaotic Evil self again and was having fun defeating the scum trying to break out and using his Staff of Power to keep them from dying so he could gain even more enjoyment out of adding to their already obscenely high medical bills. Sure Dr. Argon had not yet been dealt with, but Zerocurew was getting stronger all the time and looking rather forward to gaining the ultimate power promised to him by Lloth.

Sure the gangs there were pretty numerous, but Zerocurew had his own tricks for quelling the masses intent on trying to stop him. Currently he was employing a favorite ability of using razor sharp spears of bone from his own hard body to impale the bounty hunters who seemed to not understand that one simply does not put a $55,000,000,000.00 amount on one who has lived and died and risen again in undeath and expect them to die so easily again.

However he had sensed a few months the presence of an old enemy returning to Super Hero City and because of this he wanted to finish his current task before they could get strong enough to defeat him. However this would require a degree of manipulation of a certain person, in this case even more notorious then the Boss, and he was looking rather forward to it. To that end he had set up his home in the ruins of the nuclear plant after Sludge had demolished it. That pile of toxic waste sure had a nasty attitude and for once Zerocurew was glad that in his current form he did not suffer from weaknesses such as poison. He had watched it up lots of those who had tried to kill it and with each new victim, Sludge had only grown meaner, uglier and bigger too until currently he was the size of a midsize city block..

OOC: I normally try very hard not to kill off any of my created rp characters ever but this hopefully will satisfy the demands of the angry mob of players calling for my final death and removal from this game. So for all of you, sit back relax and watch because I am going to literally stretch my imagination to the limits of nongodmoding.

Jenna Firemage had come to a decision. Solely she was going to go to Sin's City and confront her personal demon Zerocurew the Dracolich. While she was not afraid of death, she did decide to leave a note for Acidburn telling her of this plan and please asking her not to come help out. This was a fight she intended to go at by herself.It was a very long journey and along her way she saw more and more corruption in the world as monsters of legend and even gods themselves attempted to stop her. She was defeated many times but each time she went and trained her magic and physical strength over and over again until she defeated them. From Las Vegas all the way to The Nexus she went all the while gathering information on her foes known abilities and such.

Zerocurew was aware that she approached but gave very little thought to thinking that perhaps she was strong enough to defeat him. He had no idea that Jenna now possessed the Omega Ring and the other upgraded abilities from Catalyst Labs. This was going to be the last mistake he ever would make in this story only, but he had a few tricks of his own. He called forth from Mezzoberran the drow warriors Jaden and Jayariel Drillowup to Sin's City. "It has been many months since your race came with me and the then Chad Rockwell through the portal into The Abyss and from there to this world," he told them in his undead voice. "I will release to Lloth the power she requires to remove all memory of this world from your minds and return all of your race and your city back to the world you originally came from. In return I ask that you destroy the one called Jenna Firemage because she will lead the other heroes to your city and begin the extermination of your people since they are not considered to be good enough for this world's standards."

Meanwhile Sorin Markov detected a huge disturbance in the balance of good vs evil from his temporary home in the sewers of Superhero City. He could sense Zerocurew was making plans to destroy someone but when Sorin tried to read the mind of the hero he was very shocked. It was his long lost mortal sister Jenna Firemage. Knowing that she would be unable to defeat the elite warriors by herself, Sorin teleported there with Jace and the healers Rhys and Orrim but arrived almost too late. Jenna had killed off Jaden but Jayariel and her both lay almost motionless on the ground covered in massive wounds, the ground covered in what looked like a lake of red blood. As the healers desperately tried to save them both, Sorin and Jace went after Zerocurew himself. "For too long now I have allowed your evil to run free," Sorin said to Zerocurew as Jace used his powers of trickery to temporarily return the dracolich to his forsaken human form. "In the past I was against confronting you in direct combat as Chad Rockwell and again as Errtu the Traitorous Balor because of your Spellfire ability. However I believe the only way to drive the evil from myself that spawned your creation is to sacrifice myself fully and in this way only can all the evil I have committed be repented from hopefully."

Zerocurew laughed while inwardly he was scared deeply. In his new form, Chad had gained immense new powers and he knew he only had one chance. "So be it Sorin Markov but if I am going to die, then I'll be taking all of your family and friends from your school with me." That being said, he mentally detonated a long ago hidden bomb directly inside of the secret vault. This was no ordinary bomb but was created from massive amounts of magic and technology fused together in secret since the death of Shadow Rogue and Skelanimal. Upon exploding, this bomb totally obliterated the school and everyone in it and created a huge wormhole in space and time that began slowly pulling the rest of Superhero City into the plane of Innistrad.

As Sorin realized exactly what Zerocurew had done he used all his power to create a barrier that would hopefully prevent the city from being pulled into the wormhole. This weakened him considerably and gave Zerocurew the chance he needed to call upon his mistress Lloth , Spiderqueen of the Drow and his master Jacob the Demon. "I know you did not get the powers you wanted in the past," he said to her. "But here are two planeswalkers that should sate your ambition for great power." Lloth was pleased with these two offerings. She was about to attack Sorin first when Jace intervened by creating several clones of Sorin to distract her attention from the real one. No longer having to be a patron because of Errtu becoming a 'walker, Jace had not been able to use his powers much in recent months. However Sorin was his friend and that was all the incentive he needed. Knowing full well that without the dagger that Jaden had used long ago to summon her to the modern world, Jace used his power of telekinesis to wrest it from the drow's corpse and flung it into the wormhole.

"No!!!!" Lloth screamed as she saw what was happening. Franticly she tried using her spiderlike body to quickly weave a net to catch it but the dagger was too close to the hole by now and the gravitational pull was simply too massive for her to overcome. Thinking quickly, Lloth used her remaining powers to bring Mezzoberran up to the surface and the current of time began to distort between the magical dimension gate there and the wormhole close by. Slowly the great city of the Drow began to be sucked into the tunnel to Innistrad. As Lloth desperately tried to save her subjects, Sorin and Jace grabbed Zerocurew and tossed his struggling form into Innistrad. However this weakened them fully and they were pulled inside too along with Mezzoberran and Orrin, Rhys, Jenna, Jacob the Demon Lloth, and Jayariel. The magic of their combined abilities plus the gateway itself Lloth had created was too much and the wormhole imploded. Not a trace was left of these heroes and villains as they were gone permanently.

The End.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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"Shadow of the Future"

It has been many months since the regular faculty of Ice Ray Academy had any problems to deal with. This has caused the students to become more reckless and the teachers in turn less lax in their restrictions on using magic outside of the school grounds. This would soon prove to be a huge error in judgement...

A few certain students, among them Jenna Firemage and Corrine Daniels, took the weekend off from studying for an important quiz on Comprehensive Theology of Magikal Lore in their final year. Both the witches were geniuses in their own fields of magic, but despite this fact they did not realize that certain magical secrets are best to leave uncovered forever rather then brought back up into the light of modern day.

Tamiyo, the current Blue Planeswalker Guardian of Earth, had been working nonstop for quite a few months to restore the moon since the visage of the late robotic hacker H@XX0R was carved deep into it after Jace had returned to Ravnica following his quest to help the werewolves escape the magical time curse placed upon them at the time by the evil archvillain Lucifer. She had no desire to face any of the evil magic users there in Superhero City while she worked to fully restore the moon, and thus did this first line of magical defense not see the ancient threat slowly approaching...

Jenna Firemage along with her dorm roommate and sometimes class rival Corrine Daniels slowly were enjoying the cool fall colored foliage and neighborhoods of Superhero City outside of the Academy walls. It was their first trip since the school had been attacked following the evil actions of one of its older enemies, Alexis the Demon. While neither had ever met her before, both had heard legends of her cruelty and thirst for power as were well documented in the Academy archival library.

"Don't you feel excited that soon we will no longer have to have classes anymore?" Corrine asked her smiling. Jenna could see the excitement in her eyes and hear it in her voice as she nodded merrily too. Unlike Corrine, she had more safe experience there in the city itself and she hoped that no magical problems arose during their simple escapade. But she was also aware that no matter how calm the city might appear, trouble was always going on no matter who was causing it or what was involved.

"I hope that the holidays this year are more enjoyable then last year," Jenna replied, remembering that due to certain events she had been involved in, Jenna had found her long lost oldest brother and with his help seemingly killed the dracolich that had been after their family for too long. She frowned slightly, remembering how it had been revealed that both siblings had been under control of his evil magical brainwashing to the point none had recognized that the other was their relative and even worse both had done evil in the city in his bid to create chaos. "If Zerocurew the Dracolich is dead," she thought aloud,"why did I see and have to battle him again one on one when our half Fae-Re-keen friend and ally Acidburn helped us and the Academy Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup who everyone knows is your boyfriend to rescue our school and everyone among the students and faculty there from the dreadful void we had all been banished to following that great battle last year?"

Corrine shuddered a little when her rival and roommate's words also brought up the same memories in her mind as well. "Jenna," she slowly began to say, "I think there is something you need to know that I could be sent into solitary detention for if the faculty knew I was saying this." As though afraid they might hear her thoughts, she looked around to make sure no one else was nearby who might be eavesdropping. "From things I accidentally heard slip during certain meetings my dad had before his sudden disappearance in the weeks before I came to the academy, there might be a small possibility we are related."

In the silence that followed, one could have heard a volcano erupt and not even have noticed.

During the citywide event Tug of War: Eternal Darkness, two sinister villains secretly observed via scrying from another plane of existence the chaos and turmoil that was happening on Earth. When it was over they slowly discussed their plans for this year's upcoming holiday festivals in Superhero City. "You know we will be able to rightly use all the negative energy to bring our Master back to life," one remarked with an evil cackle of cruel laughter to the other. "However we must be more careful not to allow the mistakes of the past to repeat themselves again this time. Too much is riding on the newest plot we have been assigned to machinate."

The other slowly nodded, as though in deep thought. "It is a shame our fellow associate has not fully recovered yet from his last experience fighting against our sworn blood enemies. Apparently we all were taken unawares at the time that they had grown so powerful or had powerful allies too no less. Now however, the time is soon at hand when they face a greater power then us and we will have to prevent them at all costs from succeeding this time or we will suffer a fate worse then our ally did."

Suddenly a huge shadow fell across the area of the mysterious plane they were on and a terrifyingly ancient and evil voice known only so far to them and their master spoke out. "You both would be wise not to allow your scrying to be traceable. //He// may not be fully awake yet but //he// has sent me to make absolutely certain you both understand firsthand that his anger has not yet abated towards both of you and your lesser powered associate despite the fact that certain things happened which we unfortunately were unable to foresee at the time. As a result, I have been placed in charge for this part of our side's continuing plot and I will tolerate no rebellion from either of you! Do I make myself clear?" Without another word this figure vanished from physical and magical sight just as suddenly as it had appeared. The two remaining beings knew he would be watching very carefully to make certain they did not become ambitious and try to overstep their duties this time and instantly they put up a barrier from even scrying itself so no one who was a servant of good would ever know they were being overheard before resuming their scrying upon Jenna Firemage and Corrine Daniels.

Looks like there are multiple plots brewing for the upcoming holidays but the masterminds and motives will not be revealed until the time is right. For now, it is only revealed to be known that evil is again stirring on Earth and surrounding planes and this time it is not going to be prevented by those who call themselves Earth's Defenders without heavy losses and sacrifices.

The look on Jenna's face surprised Corrine a little at first. She should have seen it coming, she thought, but maybe she simply had not known her long enough. After all both girls had been in their class for only a few months since Jenna had returned from her evil possessed form and the school itself had returned from its place of temporary exile. Before she could say anything else, suddenly there was a bright flash of light that temporarily left both girls slightly disoriented. When their eyesight returned, certain members of the Kingpin's minions had surrounded them armed with chains and leather saps and wearing oddly shining body armor. "Mrs. Firemage, our boss has been looking for you for a very long time. It seems you cost him some valuables the first time you both met and he wants you to pay up," the leader of them seemed to slightly smirk as he spoke. "As for you...Ms. Daniels was it? You may seem harmless but we are not taking any chances. Grab them!"

Growling, Jenna and Corrine both took out their wands but nothing happened when they cast a simple spell to blind them. "You really think he would send us out without magic nullifying gear?" the goon laughed. "Now then boys let's show these two what it means to really fight!" Before they could attack, Jenna and Corrine were already in motion and using a combination of simple martial arts to defend themselves while Corrine was trying very hard to communicate telepathically with Jayariel and Jaegarjumi for aid.

However it seemed she could only get what seemed like static and it soon became clear these goons were not ordinary ones but apparently high on a new drug of Dr. Fulkhearth's. Within a few minutes the witches were too worn out to further defend themselves and in a matter of moments both were knocked out. "Boss send in the transport," their leader said, speaking into a small communications device. "We have your..guests." Within what seemed a few seconds a camouflaged stealthy and silent small coptor appeared next to the group and the girls, taped up tightly with the duct tape the goons had discovered in Corrine's pocket, were on their way to an unknown fate..

The first part of the evil plot had succeeded and no one at the Academy was even aware that two students had been abducted. For at the same time Jenna and Corrine were being overwhelmed, all methods currently of communications from the grounds to mortals only were suddenly cut off as a mysterious unearthly fog slowly began to condense around it. Though it clearly was magical in nature, alas only 'walkers were powerful enough to communicate mentally through it at the very least and unfortunately none were free at this time who were Academy allies.

"I do not understand why I can not locate my sister and Corrine even via magic," The Inkling said to Headmaster James Starrunner and his wife Headmistress Bobby Starrunner a few hours after they had left without anyone yet knowing of what was to occur. "Scrying as well as telepathy do not seem to work and I have already looked throughout their dorm and usual classrooms too. For all my efforts I only seem to be getting a strange buzzing sensation." "Chad you are far from the first to have picked up on this," James began to say slowly. "Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup first reported it several hours ago when he found that Jaegarjumi had somehow escaped from the statuette and he was unable to call the panther back. He afterwards went after her, but found that some sort of invisible magical barrier had surrounded our Academy trapping us. It appears we are under siege from a dark power for reasons I hesitate to think about."

"Wait a minute, you are telling me that even you two who are the most powerful human magic users here can not determine its cause?" Chad Rockwell also known as The Inkling was astonished. "How can this be? Even our old enemies never used this strong of magic against all of us entirely in the old days when we fought against them to defend the world from their evil darkness. Something is very wrong here." A bright light suddenly appeared in the room the three were speaking in and when it faded away, the legendary Fae Child Goddess Aphrael Aphrael stood there who was the academy's oracle appeared looking very distraught. "We are in mortal peril," she said. "A dark force none of you have ever encountered has arrived here on Earth and it is after you Chad and your siblings first then the entire Academy and then Superhero City and Earth. I wish this day had not come so soon, despite the fact I predicted it James when you were still a student here." Suddenly her eyes and face turned pale and as they tried to help a dark cloud seemed to enter her mind and without a word she suddenly collapsed! Immediately, the school nurse Collette Sackville-Baggs was summoned while the others tried to figure out her mysterious remarks. A few moments later Collette teleported inside "This is bad," she said not long after checking on Aphrael. "Physically she appears fine while asleep. Magically however, this is not any type of demonic or evil fae magic I have ever seen before."

Several hours passed before Aphrael began to slowly awaken. She saw that she was now in the Academy's hospital dormitory and her bed was surrounded by the staff and many of the students there with frightened looks and grim expressions on their faces. "W-what was I saying before I collapsed," she asked her mortal sister Sephrenia Darklighter who was standing nearby. "From what I have been told you were talking about an old magical force you had encountered before but new to everyone else," she slowly replied. Though Aphrael could see how hard it was for her to keep her emotions in check, there was no doubt that possibly one she knew what was happening to her.

"Thank you Sephrenia," the goddess said trying to help her feel relaxed. "I knew this day was going to come eventually in regards to my physical health but alas some things are foreordained eternally. Simply put, my current avatar form (body) is nearing the end of its life expediency and when that time comes for me to create a new one, until it is finished, I will be unable to be contacted via any form of communication. In other words, I am slowly begining to die of old age physically. But before that time comes I need to tell you all the nature of the new evil beseiging your academy as well as make.."arrangements" for a new "vessel" to hold my essence until my new body is completed."

"Long ago when planeswalkers first came to this planet millennium before Supreme Hero City was even a far off distant dream, not all of them were good ones. Truthfully, there were those who desired nothing more then to enslave humanity and use this planet to rule their sinister agendas from. But the good ones in that ancient period of time banded together and put a magical barrier into place that shielded this planet from them for a very long time and in doing so, they enabled humanity to grow into the many ancient to present civilizations known today. However, one of these evil walkers decided that he would devote his life to finding a way to break that magical seal and claim Earth for his own. His name is known as Nicol Bolas and he is one of the most powerfully evil walkers still alive today."

"When I was created to be a Goddess to the Styric people long ago, the Gods and Goddesses of Earth had no idea at the time that Planeswalkers even existed for you see, even back then they had the magical ability to fully shroud themselves from deities of this world and this was done to prevent us from knowing of their existence. But that time of peaceful unawares was soon going to end in an awful way. A minor deity of my race was accidentally discovered by one of these evil walkers and was brutally murdered and then not only were their memories erased from their avatar shell and their soul seemingly scattered forever, but this walker created a new avatar for them based on this innocent victim and used this form to begin corrupting Earth's Gods to become more evil then ever they were before."

"For many centuries this walker went unknown among the councils of the the different Gods of Earth's races until one day the spirit of its murdered victim long ago was found to have reincarnated and in that instant all became aware she had been murdered. You see, that was my very first reincarnation."

"The anniversary of my original death soon approaches in this millennium and as it does my current avatar will become weaker. Beware for Nicol Bolas seeks to destroy me again fully and wreak chaos and destruction on thi planet and all of its inhabitants. He must be stopped but you must be careful for he has long been able to read my every thought since he first killed my original form." With that Aphrael slowly fell into a deeper coma...

A few hours previously to the last post above Corrine Daniels slowly began to groggily awaken. The last thing she could remember was that she and her long lost cousin Jenna Firemage had been ambushed by the Kingpin's thugs and surprisingly being defeated even though the odds had hardly been in the favor of the two teenage witches. As she slowly began opening her eyes, Corrine already knew she and Jenna were in serious trouble. She could easily feel her tape wrapped tightly around her and unfortunately was well aware of its magical properties to not only prevent those restrained thus from using magic to escape but even worse it had the secondary enchantment built into it that made it more tighter the harder said captive struggled to escape as the tape used their physical strength against them.

The room she and Jenna appeared to be in seemed out of a museum of horrors judging by the Gothic looking medieval instruments of torture positioned around. An Iron Maiden, several stocks and a bed of needles and several chains attached at positions along the walls that looked made of ancient mortar. As for the smell, to Corrine the scent was suspiciously like that of a female demon' she seemed to almost recognize but why?

She and Jenna were currently seated and taped still back to back in cold steel chairs, because she could feel her cousin's hands taped near hers and looking down she could see her arms were not taped to her front or the chair sides. Her mouth was currently not gagged but having been a captive many times in her old world, she knew better then to try to make any noise for now.

Soon she heard and felt her cousin slowly beginning to awaken. Corrine had no idea if Jenna had ever been a captive before physically, but she did know about the years of magical brainwashing her and her twin brothers had endured which had made them all enemies until the enchantment had finally been broken several months earlier. Jenna silently too quickly came to the same conclusions of Corrine. Even though she was more worried about how the Kingpin was going to treat her younger cousin rather then herself, she still inwardly cursed herself for not making the connection between them being relatives sooner and then and there she silently vowed that after they escaped, she would do more reading up on her family history and the Academy archives.

Suddenly a door that neither had noticed because it blended right into the wall nearest them opened up and in walked The Kingpin. "I was worried my men had been too eager in their want to please me and their desire to test the newest drug craze sweeping the city," he said to both angry looking witches as they stared defiantly at him. "But you both appear to have extremely resilient bodies and bones. Who knew that there were other females like that darned pink haired punk Pink just as deceiving with physical strength and able to use magic? My men will have to recover for many months from the internal bruises you both left on them when they captured you both."

He smiled humorlessly. "Mrs. Firemage, do you know how much it cost me to refit my office after my first encounter with you? $345,999,789,00.00 dollars. Even by my wealthy standards, replacing the artwork was so hard because I had to travel all over the world to steal the originals your magic ruined the copies of. At least in Greece I found it more profitable to trade for then steal for once."

He smiles as though remembering something humorous to him. "Ah yes, your friend Alex Murphy the police officer spotted me there. I'm so sorry he had to be...temporarily removed from the picture but I hear he has recovered very well indeed. Maybe in the future, if I decide to release you two, you can tell him I honestly did not tell my chauffeur to run him down. Apparently someone tampered with my vehicle's brakes and well I'll simply say they have been punished indefinitely."

"As for why you both have been brought to my Winter retreat outside of Superhero City, well someone who hates you both more then even me offered a sum for your captures alive, a sum more then any amount I have ever accumulated in the past. Who they are I do not know as it was an email even my hired computer hackers were unable to trace. But they should be here shortly." Just then a green mist suddenly began appearing mysteriously out of nowhere which knocked the two witches out only. It was an anti magic form of chloroform.

Meanwhile back at the academy things were getting scarier. With Aphrael fully in a coma the teachers were helpless as they tried to communicate their school's plight to their friends outside the barrier. Students were beginning to ask questions and for the most part nothing the teachers could think up was really working as a means to distract them.

Jayariel was beginning to lose his composure which was very difficult for one of elvish and fae blood such as himself. In spite of all his many attempts to telepathically communicate with Corrine or Jaegarjumi he had not been successful in either way. His brow slowly took on a dark evil countenance which was lucky since he was in his room by himself as he realized he had one more way left to communicate but it was extremely dangerous. Locking his door, he set up a Dark Ritual barrier formed from his own physical blood and his own life force to prevent any of good magic from disturbing him until finished.

Now that he knew no one was even able to scry upon him at the least or break inside his magically enchanted room at most, Jayariel took out his scimitars from their scabbards and holding each hilt facing him in his wrists, he began a long complicated prayer to Sehanine Moonbow the Elven goddess of the moon, autumn, and love. If he could not communicate with his love through magic or physically then he would through dreams themselves but to do that he needed the guidance of one of the most mysterious Elvish deities. As well he was very much aware that rituals at night and honed through moonlight and blood were more dangerous but also held higher chances of success and thus did he pray to her for guidance.

All night long from what his senses told him was sunset to sunrise he chanted as he sat in a circle surrounded by bloodied silver candles. Every half hour and every hour he had slowly and methodically bled himself from a vein onto one of the candles until it was bloodied from wick's fiery tip to the very base and all around as well. If his summons was not answered soon he knew he would perish as his life grew fainter with the loss of blood so regularly but he had no chjoice. He would sacrifice all to find Corrine and if necessary save her.

Right before he could begin cutting deeply into his neck, a silvery light slowly began to appear in his room. Carefully he slowly bowed down and laid his body between the candles in reverence as he knew his summons had finally been answered.

As Sehanine materialized, her lilting, musical voice drifted to his ears. In a form of Elvish last heard physically before the sundering of the races, she intoned, "Dark One, the passion of your heart has called to me... what would you request of me?" "Oh, Lovely One, hear my plea... I have been unable to mentally reach either my companion or my soul-mate because of this wretched barrier which has entrapped my self and my friends... I know not how, but we will likely perish without your assistance."

She looked at him with compassion, and raising her hand, Jayariel was surrounded by a silvery light, healing him of his self- inflicted wounds. She smiled and replied, "Dark one, speak your words to your soul-mate... by my art will she receive them, and be able to return hers, as well..."

From within their captor's mansion, Jenna Firemage and Corrine Daniels were still somewhat in denial at what The Kingpin had told them. Jenna knew he was truly angry at her, as much as any self-respecting of the still living game bosses would at this time. But beginning with the cloud of smoke which had induced her and Corrine directly back to sleep again they had awakened to learn from minions of his evil empire that a Zigonian Armada had recently appeared over the skies of Earth and all the superheroes and villains had banded together to withstand its awesome might. Curiously enough no one from Ice Ray Academy had shown up though and this worried Corrine greatly. In her heart she suspected that the evil from her and Jayariel's past was responsible for this but dared not say it aloud for fear Jenna might revert to her previous persona of evil and wickedness.

Now however reports were coming in of a strange new phenomenon in the city: Magic users both good and evil were suddenly falling into comas as well as being unable to communicate with their respective leagues. Corrine wondered quietly if this same unknown as yet force was why Jayariel was unable to hear her telepathic cries for help as she and Jenna were now in cages made of the same anti magic material in steel form as the tape she wished she had never had.

Suddenly a bright silvery light appeared in the air between her cage and Jenna's and an Elvish woman dressed in grey clothing appeared. "Listen well young heroines for good that ye both are," she whispered silently into their minds. "A sinister force has blocked your family and close friends from Ice Ray Academy from leaving their grounds and has prevented them from contacting anyone they are friends with including planeswalkers who are their ally's. Know that this is the ancient magic of the evil elder dragon planeswalker Nicol Bolas at work. He seeks to devour all the magic here on Earth to hasten the demise of Aphrael the Child Goddess and bring to pass not only his own physical manifestation here on Earth but also the death of every god and goddess here either good or evil and the resurrection of the one who him and return of those who are evil fallen Elves that you both have faced in triumph to this world."

A look of anger appeared and disappeared fast from her visage as she continued to speak. "Corrine your betrothed Jayariel Drillowup summoned me in a deadly ritual, that were it not for the bond of love you two have shared these long decades together in your youthful looking human body, he should by all that is holy to the Gold Elves should not have survived. But I have been watching you both clearly unawares to Lloth all these years since you and him first met and know I am pleased that your relationship has long lasted. To this I have granted Jayariel the boon for now that you both may communicate through my power which normally I would not allow as I am usually a neutral deity."

Corrine knew then and there her fiancee had taken a dreadful risk. "Oh Jayariel," she whispered softly as tears fell from her eyes through the cage bars to the stone floor hundreds of feet below. "I can tell you little at this time. The Kingpin's minions have captured Jenna and I and we are his prisoners in his mansion near the New York/ Canadian border as he told us only a few hours ago. However he has put into place anti fae technology to prevent you from breaking in and only later did we learn that other magic users were being stricken by a mysterious malady that I now know is because of Nicol Bolas. Jayariel, if you can hear me listen. You will have to find Jaegarjumi first."

To her amazement Jayariel's face appeared in the air before her cage and Jenna's. "Corrine thank you. I truly was afraid you and Jenna were in comas..or worse. The barrier Sehanine has described to you is very powerful. It has prevented any of us at the Academy from physically or magically leaving the grounds or by reaching anyone by means of communication. However all is not without hope for if I can not escape my barrier if you Sehanine will allow it I must contact our human friends Alex and Krystal Murphy. Despite Krystal being Fae and Alex having Fae blood in him due to the transfusion she gave him before they were married because of the grave injuries he received in Athens they by themselves cvan not help to rescue you both. However their friends and leaguemates in Turbulence can. In return you both must listen carefully. Aphrael is dying and there is a secret entrance buried far beneath Superhero City to the Underworld. To save Aphrael, a party of magic and fae, super and regular humans must undergo the voyage there to retrieve her soul from where minions of the 7 Deadly Sins who are servants of Bolas at this time have it well guarded. For you must know that without her soul, being recovered and brought again to the light of day Aphrael will not be able to reincarnate and the world will fall into a new and deadly Ice Age. this will lower the temperatures and expand glaciers all over so an old ancient evil buried deep within this planet long before the Elves were created might awaken and escape its eternal captivity. In modern times this evil had the ancient name of Zarel and he was an ancient humanoid of unspeakable power and he served that dread being that all we have faced are minions of: The Demonic Planeswalker Kuthuman but here though a cult has long in secret worshipped him under the innocent moniker of EA. Bolas if he succeeds in his task will allow Zarel to break free and Kuthuman to return here from the magical exile he has been within in the far dark side of the universe that the Zigonian and Amazon homeworlds have long bordered."

Having left the Undercity, Krystal contacted Alex and discovered that Jenna and Corrine had been missing for several hours... atempting to call the Starrunners at SHCU, she discovered that all communication was cut off to the dorm building and by questioning those in the area, that some of the Kingpin's thugs had been spotted in the area... shortly thereafter a strange fog had surrounded the dorm and was expanding over the rest of the campus. "First things first, Jenna and Corrine may be in danger... if not, they may know the cause of the fog barrier around the campus..." Moments later, Krystal crouches just inside the fence at the Kingpin's mansion. As she observes the goon's set to patrol, she notices that her magic seems to be 'blocked' somehow... "Now how will I get past those thugs?", she thought. As she watched, a cat screeched behind the patrolling thugs. The three thugs each instantly pulled a taser from their belt, then saw the cat and began to quietly curse and re-holster their tasers. Krystal thought to herself, "Now that gives me an idea..." A short time later two thugs drop Krystal's apparently unconscious body in the cell with Jenna and Corrine. "That'll teach these capes to try to rescue you.", the thug in charge growled. "Hang her sword on the wall opposite the cell door... I want this smug b--th to know we're better than her." The three thugs kicked the unconscious form a few times, glared menacingly at Jenna and Corrine, and then filed out through the barred door of the cell. Jenna turned to Corrine and said quietly "Do you think she's alright? As Corrine started to answer, Krystal groaned, grimaced at the cuffs on her wrists, and said quietly, "I've had better days..." Krystal worked her way to a sitting position, then grinned weakly at Corrine and Jenna. "We thought that they had tased you unconscious like they did us...", said Corrine. "They certainly tried... guess they forgot, since I've been suppressing it for a while, that electrical generation is one of my powers. I took it for a few seconds to make it look good then shorted out their batteries..." Krystal's muscles bulged and her cuffs burst with a crack of metal snapping. she then freed the girls from their bonds. Pulling a small, but powerful magnet on a thin chain from a small pocket hidden beneath her belt, she reached between the bars and began to swing it towards her sword, hanging on the opposite wall. "They have set up an anti-magic ward somehow, and since you two were their intended targets, they thought that was enough. Against magical powers it would be, and they 'think' they know how to handle 'supers', so they got a little lazy... it never occurred to them that any one with a little knowledge of...", -swing-, "science...", -swing-, ", and the ability to think...", -swing-, "can do things without powers or magic...", -clank-, "... now let's get out of here."

As the fog enchantment grew more dense around Ice Ray Academy and Super Hero City University's campus, inside the situation was more dire. A few hours after Aphrael fell into her coma with no signs of awakening anytime soon, all of the students teenage years through baby age suddenly turned into werewolves. The evil female lycan's curse upon the children of the Headmaster and Headmistress had unknowingly infected every non adult there with the Lycan curse. As a result the nurse was swamped between trying to figure out the cause of this disaster and returning the Child Goddess Aphrael to full usage of her facilities.

Sephrenia Darklighter, Aphrael's mortal long lived sister and high priestess along with Headmistress Bobby Starrunner and assisted by her husband and the Chad twins were currently trying to learn as much info about Despaira as could be accessed with the limited Internet access within.

Headmaster James Starrunner was in a private research spell barrier in his office of his own casting that enabled him to call upon the wisdom of all previous headmasters of the academy. So with everyone so preoccupied it was very easy for Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup to sneak out. He had to find Jaegarjumi before Despaira could turn her into a full lycan and so he used an enchanted mask that turned him fully into a normal human with no abilities that could be detected and thus he managed to walk through the barrier to escape.

Alex thought he heard someone moving in the fog. As he crouched silently, he thought he saw a dark figure moving with incredible stealth. Placing his hand above the figures shoulder, he grabbed and spun the figure, at the same instant phasing his body to prevent the figure from attacking."Who are you?"he demanded. "What have you done to the University?" "Alexander Murphy if you value your physical wellbeing you will unhand me at once," he spoke in the quietest whisper possible. "Death stalks SHC currently but not in any form you ever have encountered before to date in your brief mortal life." "Sorry, Jay... I didn't recognize you... any idea what's going on?", Alex asked. "Terrible things Alex," the drow replied after having removed the mask oncde free of the fog. "For now we must stay away from the Academy until further notice lest we become victims as those inside have. Where is Acidburn at? What I must tell you she must be told as well. The future of SHC for now depends on us."

"Krys left the Undercity a few hours ago... 'said' she'd gotten a message from Corrine and Jenna... she was headed to the Kingpin's mansion, but nothing for the last hour or so..."

"I would have escaped sooner but any being with any magical abilities currently in this locale and other parts of SHC is in mortal danger." Jayariel took several deep breaths trying to not let his emotions get the best of him. "The fog currently in SHC is supernatural from an evil even more ancient then the Titans or the Lords of Hell or the Seven Deadly Sins and even older then Sin and Lucifer himself. But in this locale around ?Ice Ray Academy only a magicuser who can fully hide all magical traces about them could have escaped the barrier my colleagues are now trapped within. Despaira has been in the Academy and left with my companion Jaegarjumi and her uillusions have bewitched her into thinking she killed me."

"Hold on, I'll try to contact Krys." Alex concentrated for several minutes. "I can't reach her.", he said with a confused expression. "I can feel her presence in our bond, but all I hear is ... silence." "C'mon... this worries me... let's head for the Kingpins Mansion..." "Magic will not be useful for the time being Alex," Jayariel said to him. "All those who use magic in fact will soon become prey for an evil darker then a demon or a god and we had better get going lest you being trapped like those I was forced to leave behind." "Let's go.... uh...any idea which direction out of this damn fog?" "No GPS on hand? No surprise there. Follow me," Jayariel said and they began heading a mile away from the foggy areas and then Jayariel used one of his very limited magical abilities to fully cloak him and Alex in blackness. "This is a Globe of Darkness and my race use it in combat to do stealth killings. Tonight though I think I can use it like my mask to disguise us both so you will not be detected."

Once they were clear of the fog, Alex paused only long enough for Jay to activate his ability, then headed at his enhanced top speed for the Kingpin's lair ignoring objects that were in his path as he phased through them.Chanting quietly Jayariel took out some paint and a brush. "In case my magic fails I must disguise you as a drow Alex. Do not panic because I assure you I am not attracted to males at all and I despise doing this even more then you will despise how it affects you." "Oh, very well... but be quick, will ya..." In a few minutes he was done and he also took out some very antique enchanted clothing for him to wear. "Get changed fast."

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Krystal, Corrine and Jenna were searching the cells around their former prison... a youngish woman was seen laying on the floor, wearing only a shear garment that left little to the imagination. "Young lady, let's get you out of there...", said Krystal. She looked ath the oddly dressed woman as if she was begging for help, scars were placed along her body where her birth symbol of a moon was." Per favore ... dovete aiutarmi ...."

Krys answers her in perfect Italian... "I will open the door and we'll get you out of there..." She quickly pick the lock, and opens the door. "Come, child of the moon." She tried to stand but a painful brace was on her ankle. A nail drived between Her ankle. She looked at the brace, knowing it could not be broken by herself but with someone else's power." È ... è necessario rompere il tutore che mi delimita." "I understand... hold very still..." Krys concentrates for a moment, then her muscles bulge and the brace began to groan and crack... in a few moments the metal gave way with a loud snap. She screamed in a bit of pain, standing then leaning against the wall to regain what strength she had left to make it out. Before leaving, she grabs a thin short sheet to cover her lady parts.She followed behind the woman slowly but surely.

"Krystal can you find us the fastest way out with the least amount of guards?" Corrine asked. She knew Jenna had been here before but was worried that since then the Kingpin might have rearranged the mansion floors. Krystal thought for a moment... "They patrol, so I can't be certain of thier current position, but this is the way they brought me in." She points to a corridor ending in stair going up. The cousins scowl at each other. "Be careful. He might have those hired muscle of our favorite human mad scientist though why he would hook up The Kingpin is not currently known," Jenna said. They started up the corridor when suddenly doors on both sides sprang open and hundreds of the thugs that had captured her and Corrine came running out.Her eyes widened as she stopped behind them. Unable to fight she took cover to also avoid detection of escape.

Moving as fast as thought itself Krystal began to disable or disarm the men. and seal the doors by breaking their locks. After a few minutes those disabled regained full usage of their temporarily useless limbs. "Dammit this is what happened to us too!" Krys cried out... "Eyes closed!" as she threw a small device she had had conceal in her belt. Brilliant white light flooded the corridor.Both cousins threw the new girl beneath them as they covered their eyes tightly. Though unused to certain abilities of Krystal's where technology was concerned they knew not to take any unnecessary chances. As the men stood blinking, one could hear the crash of bodies falling on every side.

She held what seemed like her bangles that kept her in line"Io sono un fiore fragile," she spoke shyly as she looked down at herself. Once all the thugs were disabled, Krys removed her armor (useless stuff, for her anyway...) and offered it to the young woman... underneath she was wearing a standard black unitard with long sleeves and legs.She grabbed the armor and looked at it strangely. Before putting it on,she has a hard time putting it on."This way," Krys said as they reached the top of the stairs. As the group of women made their way through the ground floor of the mansion, and found their way outside. The sounds of hand to hand combat could be heard.As the combatants came into view, Krystal smiled broadly. 20 on 2, and Alex and Jay were still giving them the worst of it.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Chad Rockwell
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Please note that Path to Power 2 and Shadow of the Future take place several months apart. As the full story of how my characters returned has not been written onto other websites yet besides one dead forum, it is a work in progress.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

anyone mind if I move this thread three places up to the stories section.
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
Um sure go ahead.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Wow, you seem to be have a passion for writing. It will take me some time to read through all of that so forgive me if I do not have good feedback.
Romans 8:31 What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
Thank you very much.

Fan fiction writing and roleplaying besides fantasy gaming and reading help keep me from going insane duer to having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, Insomnia, and bad eyesight.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Chad Rockwell
Tales From the TurboCave

Evolution awoke that day with the feeling that something wasn't right. Something was missing from the Turbo Cave lately and she couldn't quite put her finger on it.
No, it wasn't Phantom who had been gone for almost a month on some silly quest of his. He'd *blinked* in from time to time to help in different wars.
Since the assault on the HOI compound, and the teamup of Turbulence and some of the 5th Precinct, and some other heroes it had been one war after another with a multitude of opponents. Area 51, UM and a few other minor skirmishes all littered with the token hero or heroine getting their panties in a wad.
Some had come and gone, like Sin, Aingealag and Spookshow. Some had stayed, like Bigeasy and Vortex.
Evo had thought and thought about what was missing...and had an idea…  The league had hardly gotten together for a party as of late. Sure they'd met at Rainbows, and the private Turbo Cave bar after numerous fights and had drank themselves into a stupor, but it wasn't quite the same.
They'd not had a knock-down, drag out party in quite some time just to do it.
After some talk with Obsidian and Pink, Evo had begun to formulate a plan to turn things around.  She took off out of the Turbo Cave with an idea in mind, and began to make preparations for something big....
After consulting with Cap, and getting his approval she went to the Bass Foundation stationary department and had some invitations made up.
Within a couple days they were ready, and Evo began mailing them all out to every member of Turbulence, some members of Burning Daylight Labs and some former members, such as Sin, and Aingealag.
The invitations were simple, directions and a simple description of what was to be expected.
"Bring yourself, bring beer...and donuts."
 Place: Turbo Lounge Bar and Grill
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Chad Rockwell
Would they show up?
Would the party be what people needed?
Only time would tell, but Evo hoped so…

I had heard about Evo's little shindig plan ...yeah, so I have been busy with my little quest, but RL continues no matter what.. but the invite had been scanned and emailed to my wrist computer ... Now I had a problem.
If I turned up without completing my quest ..would I ever achieve my goal?  If I didn't turn up would Evo ever forgive me?
I knew an awesome donut store ..SHC Mall had the donut store to end all donut stores ... Callay and the MALL Cops expanding waistlines were testament to that.  I knew good beer ... hell I am me ....
But ... I had stuff to do… and if I finished my quest, wouldn't this be the party to end all parties?
My last thought as I flicked my wrist comp off and prepared to make a serious move on my quest ... could I bring some friends? I had made a few since embarking on my one man crusade ... there were sure to be one or two more before I finished!

"Sin, some girl sent out an invite to a cave?"
*Yeah, I heard, was she dressed?*
"yeah, what does tha-"
*disregard for now, wait for the "real" invite.*
"Of course... Sin, right?"
*You got it, numbnuts, now fetch us a sammich.*
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
Bob walked into the office and through the security checkpoint. He scanned his badge and got in the elevator, where he was too shy to hit on Debra for the 1100th  time. He arrived at the 20th floor and and went to the conference room.

     "Welcome everyone, status reports are being handed out. For those
       of you selected for special projects, head to floor 22. "

Bob was never assigned to special projects. He never got anything but the most mundane work. He opened his file and read his assignment. Standard security, blah blah blah. Some VIP party blah blah blah.
"Turbulence Bar and Grill."  Bob was blown away. This was big, he could be around the movers and shakers. These were the very people his ultimate boss had signed on with. Of course Bob wouldn't see him there, NightHawk had been missing for months but still this was huge for him, who had been stuck in the private security equivalent of middle management for what seemed like his whole life.
Bob stood up after his direct commander stopped talking about some dimensional anomaly or something or another and headed to the armory. The file held a special pass key and a note from Tom Bradshaw, his only real friend in the world.  Bradshaw ran an R and D team on B2.

"Hey Bob, I know some things haven't been going too well
for you with the divorce and all. So when this opportunity
arrived I thought of you. You'll be running this op and there's
some special gear for you too. -Bradshaw"

Bob pulled out the passkey which read Locker 34. Locker 34 was more of a room.  Bob had never seen inside. Outside of his NightGuard Armor and the special weapons storage for the occasional temporary use Bob hadn’t seen much of the Armory at all. He scanned the pass code, scanned his eye and thumb print, and spoke his name.
"Bob Wallmack"

The doors slid open with a whoosh, and Bob beheld a sleek 9ft tall power suit. There was a data pad nearby with the specs. Bob skimmed over it, seemed it magnified its users strength 20-fold and was made of Burinium with an outer layer of Adamantium. It connected to your brain, allowing it to respond to your thought. There were force fields, stun cables, and a bevy of support abilities. In addition it allowed a large array  of weapons to be attached to it. And the pass gave Bob free rein in the special weapons room.
Bob looked up and smiled as he said, mostly to himself,  "Thanks Tom."
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell

“So this party,” Pink said, flopping herself down on Obsidian's easy chair without asking.  Obsidian looked up from her desk where she was doing some paperwork. Pink hadn't bothered with knocking, in fact she was pretty certain Pink hadn't bothered with acknowledging that the door had been locked, just picked the lock and walked in. Obsy was more than capable of reducing intruders to a wisp of smoke so she didn't bother with security much but all the same.
“The party?” she replied
“You know, the one Evo's organizing. Just wanted to touch base with you.”
“Oh that party!” Obsidian stopped trying to figure out the HR forms and set them on fire instead. Smiling she turned to face Pink properly. “It's gonna be great!! Relying on you to be there Pink!”
“Yeah, yeah, party, I'll be there. I just wanted to check about the arrangements. Evo's off getting her hair done so I thought I'd make sure she'd covered all the bases. She's gonna be hours, you know what her hairdressing appointments are like....they run into shopping trips and full body massages”
“What arrangements?” Obsy frowned. “Evo just decided to throw a party and asked everyone to bring beer and donuts.”
“Well that's a start right there,” Pink pulled a notepad out “Who's everyone? Evo invited Turbos and old turbos or them plus the people we're friendly with, or the whole of SHC or what?”
“Anyone who wants to come, I think...” Obsidian looked confused “...,Does it matter?”
Pink made a note on her pad “Check, guests: Everyone invited”
“Well I just need to make sure she invited the heroes as well as the Turbos and the villains. The wolves are always good fun. And the pirates. And I'll invite the Gimbles in case she didn't. Fifth Precinct as a whole are a fun bunch really... hopefully, Solo'll do some karaoke again.”
“Super-powered sisters. There's loads of them. They're very pretty and wear hardly any clothes. They love a good party.”
Obsidian's face split in a wide grin “They sound like MY kind of girls.”
Pink made an extra note on her pad “Invite the SHCU cheerleaders”.
“Ok, now entertainment. What's Evo booked?”
“Entertainment? We got beer and donuts and good people what more do you need?”
“Hold on,” Pink turned a page in her notepad “Strippers... male... female... dwarf....” she winced briefly “Karaoke machine, bouncy castle...”
“Bouncy CASTLE?”
“Sure.” Pink looked bemused “EVERYONE loves a bouncy castle. We'll set it up in the docks near where that crappy old boat used to be parked.”
“OK we'll use the turbo-lounge as the chill-out zone with the supernatural dvds on constant loop. … Twister in Cap's room, he hardly ever actually uses it.... and the office/torture suite, I'll make sure there's plenty of paper towels in there... the way that room gets used in a party....”
“Pink are you sure this is necessary?”
“We're having a good old-fashioned Turbo-party aren't we? Stuff gets messy.... OK so we can't do much about making people check weapons or continuity altering time travel machines in at the door but I'll advise the insurers, make sure the entire computer suite are moved elsewhere – off-site, and have the Bass Foundation medical staff on standby....moving on... catering.”
“It's BYO donuts.” Obsidian rubbed her head... the memories of the last Turbo-party she'd been to were coming back and she was wondering whether she'd really eaten an entire whale.
“That's not going to cut it.” Pink frowned “Sin'll be here so we'll need sandwiches too.... Lucifer's likely to start screaming for virgins if we don't have any on the guest list... and I know for a fact that Chad Rockwell has a thing for marshmallows. Then I'll get hungry after a few hours of moshing and break into the kitchen cupboards, Celsius will sulk if we don't have any petrol in and you KNOW what he's like when he sulks.... I'll book cheese, wine, nibbles and virgins for a hundred.”
“A hundred?”
“you're right, Buckeye Dove gets bad tempered if he's not full, I'll make it a hundred and fifty. And A few hundred-liter barrels of gasoline, some crude oil and a whale and we'll be sorted.”
Smiling happily, the pink-flame-headed super bustled out of Obsidian's room and went to get started making the “extra arrangements”....
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
Chad Rockwell-
Chad Rockwell carefully used magic to scan the invitation that had come to him. He trusted Pink, but she was known for being a bit of a practical joker at times, so safety measures were required in his dealings with her and Turbulence. Unfortunately it had come while he and Zerocurew were on their quest to help Sin regain his memories so Chad sent a magical activation signal to a secret hidden part of Ice Ray Academy. It opened up to reveal a perfectly duplicated clone of Chad complete with all his abilities and memories, but a little bit emotionally unstable. Since he had never been to this rumored cave, Chad's clone decided to dress in style by donning a blue robe covered in stars with a walking staff with a crystal globe on top of it, as he best figured would not make him look too suspicious. Then he used his magic to begin the recipe for a special brand of doughnuts not found in Super Hero City. "Sin may be a connoisseur of donuts, but these are an old school tradition dating back to the founding of Ice Ray Academy, hundreds of years ago.
Malashel Halos dipped in boysenberry sauce will hopefully be one he has never had before." Then, Chad dug deeply into his memories and found the recipe for Arcian Red, which back in its day in the Middle Ages was the wine of choice for drinkers.

Captain Avenger-
"What, Jarvis, what?," Cap looked up, exasperated. He was in the middle of something. Something critically important. If the information Cap had gathered from his Vengersatellites was correct, this was going to be big, very big.
"Sir, It seems as though you have been invited to a party," Jarvis answered calmly.
"A party? Jarvis, you know the drill, send them my standard apology and make a charitable donation to whatever group is holding the if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."
Jarvis didn't move.
"Ahem," he said...waiting to get Cap's attention again.
Captain Avenger knew Jarvis well enough that this wasn't going to go away. So he looked up from the monitor and waited for the other shoe to drop.
"Sir, the invitation is from Turbulence. Madam Evolution is throwing a soiree and requests the pleasure of your company. Shall I RSVP in the affirmative?"
Cap sighed. Jarvis could be very...tenacious.
"Jarvis, I appreciate the offer, but I'm up to my eyeballs here in something that could change the course of the world. For years, the point man behind the initial Zigonian invasion of Earth was Lord Quasar. But trying to find him has been like trying to hold a fine mist in your hands. More than a shadow, he's been invisible. But since Quasar's latest broadcasts, I configured the Vengersatellites to run a special program designed to pick up references to him in any Zig communications. The thing has been quiet for years...but about an hour ago it lit up like a Christmas tree. There are messages beaming between every Zig installation and ship on and off-planet about Quasar...but I'll be damned if I can translate them. There is some special code being while I know who they're talking about...I don't know what the hell they're saying. And George has picked a hell of a time to go off on one of his treks. I know he occasionally has to go dormant to make sure the rest of the Zig collective stays out of his head...but I could really use him...and I have no idea where he is."
Jarvis didn't move. "So, sir, shall I inform Madam Evolution that you will be attending the party alone, or shall I mention that you will have a plus one?"
"Jarvis, didn't you hear a word I said? I'm trying to crack secret Zigonian communiques concerning the architect of the invasion of Earth. We've come to know the Zigonian queen pulled the trigger, but it was Quasar who spearheaded the attack! Think of the Intel we could gain...if we could take the bastard alive!"
"Thank you sir, I'll be informing Madam Evolution you'll be arriving within the hour," Jarvis turned to go.
Cap was exasperated. "Jarvis, I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE....not until I find a way to break this code."
Jarvis turned. He looked at the screen for a moment. "Sir, as you've already determined the messages contain the subject matter Quasar. Having spent hours with talking George in his native language, I see another pattern that you may have overlooked."
He pointed at the display. "There. And there. And there. Again and again...the same reference comes up...immediately following the Zigonian word for Quasar."
Cap was impressed. Within 30 seconds, Jarvis had picked up on something he'd been working on for significantly longer.
"Well, what does is say?" Cap asked.
"It says Earth, sir. Lord Quasar is coming to Earth," Jarvis moved to the Vengerelevator. As he stepped on board, he turned back to Cap. With the doors closing, he said..."I'll inform Madam Evolution that you will be arriving within the hour."
Cap was stunned.
Quasar, coming to Earth.
He had a million questions...but Cap supposed he could work them out while spending some time with his teammates.
As Cap readied to head for the Turbo-Cave, he knew there was something he had to do first. Picking up the Vengercommunicator, he punched in a code. A woman answered...and Cap said...
"May I please speak with Burning Daylight?"
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D