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Chad Rockwell
Grendel Prime staggered to his feet clutching the crumpled piece of paper PB had slipped him. "Izchasst frazzle domino" he slurred, between the blows to the head and the drinks his vision wasn't the best at the moment.

With a huge clap of thunder six huge ostriches appeared and began devouring worms without hesitation. Grendel Prime sneaked back to the bar, waiting for the fireworks, as it were, to begin. Dr Vermicious simply leaned against the wall with a knowing grin on his face.

The ostriches finished eating the worms, then began running around with wild abandon. The birds suddenly began exploding, turning into huge bursts of confetti and sparkles. Grendel Prime looked on in amazement, not exactly what he had in mind when he envisioned ostriches eating electrified worms.

Except for the last one which ran directly at him and exploded in a shower of electric worm guts and ostrich poo. Dragon's Fury walked up to him, not too close though, and said "Can't win em all, man."

Grendel Prime winced, turned to the bar where Pink at least put her hand over her mouth instead of laughing at him directly. "I need a drink. Sigh, it's times like this that I'm glad I got my liver swapped out with that cybernetic toxin purifier."

Chad was not at all used to all the commotion and chaos of having several members of the female genetics breed climbing all over him. His mind and emotions were totally confused and unseen to all but the other magic users a strange light was beginning to glow all over his clothing coming from his crystal. Sensing that a very amused Dr. Vermicious was enjoying the show, he snapped as he finally lost his temper. "ENOUGH!" His voice momentarily blasted everyone several feet who had been fighting and tussling around him while he lay on the floor. "I have allowed myself to have fun, but even I have my personal limits, in terms of bullies taking advantage of my good work. That all ends, here and now." As he spoke, those watching could see something very strange going on. Chad appeared to be a huge blur as his bloodcurse took effect for the very first time since joining Superhero City.

This is a simple explanation hopefully enough that no one has to ask questions later. Many decades ago Chad and his siblings were inheritors of a bloodcurse cast upon their father by a crazed evil magician who was actually demoness named Alexis. Since then they have had to undergo incredibly intense magical mental emotional and physical training to keep from destroying everyone and everything around for thousands of miles around Ice Ray Academy. Needless to say this caused major problems in their education and life growing up so it was suggested and agreed upon that only in very chaotic times should this extremely hazardous ability be used for good only.

Now back to the present: The blurring slowly faded and in place of the former Chad Rockwell stood a seven foot tall demonic balor made of blazing flames and holding a huge whip of Abyssal fire.

"Chad is still here but my name until further notice is Errtu the Balor!

"Now, then..." Errtu said in a very deep tone of voice as he surveyed those all around him in the cave. "...I think Dr. Vermicious should explain just why he thought it would be very funny to make me look bad here tonight." Glaring at the good doctor as his grin slowly turned to a look of frightful recognition of upcoming agony and suffering, he added "Because I am going to enjoy making you personally pay for every single time you have ruined my plans."

"Chad's having an allergic reaction to the bean dip! Someone get a medic!"

Power Bottom thrust a spell he had scrawled down on a cocktail napkin at Grendel Prime and rushed back to Lenny.

The door had finally opened.

It was too late. St Barbara had arrived. The turquoise glow surrounding Lenny spread to every bottle, flask, barrel and bowl and glass.

As Errtu began manifesting every intoxicating beverage at the party began to overflow its container.

Lucifer feels a wave of lust emanating from the Cave. He has not felt anything this strong since the days of the Roman orgies. He tosses back his drink (a Virgin Mary made with real virgin blood) gives the young bikini clad beauty sitting on his lap a little tweak, and enjoys the wave of lust washing over him. It ends all too soon, hmm magic and chemically induced.

“Who is this trickster?” Lucifer demands. With but a thought Dr Vermicious appears before him.

“On Your Knees, Worm!” Lucifer commands. “Bow before the Dark Prince!”

As Lucifer says this two demon elite guards appears on either side of Vermicious forcing him prone on the ground.

“Just because I choose to have my own area to party in, do not assume that your antics have gone unnoticed by me. You are now interfering with an engagement party of a very dear and old friend of mine. YOU WILL cease your pranks or suffer the consequences. I give you this choice, for in truth, I did so much enjoy that last prank.”

So enjoy the party, hide in the walls of this mountain, or spend eternity in a bottle of Tequila.

“BE GONE” with that Dr Vermicious finds himself laying in the middle of the dance floor of the Turbo-cave.

PA reluctantly makes his way down to the party. Upon his arrival he is met with the sight of what only can be described as the beginning of an orgy. He adjusts his vision and homes in on Pink’s aurora. Walking toward her he discern how she is in the midst of a passionate embrace.

"HARRUMPH" he growls turning and walking away. Arriving back in his room he puts on his worn armor and goes out on patrol.

Black Knight and company had drunk from the punch bowl that Dr. Vermicious had spiked. We found ourselves with persons we would not normally associate ourselves with in that manner. When I came to myself, I quickly scanned the room telepathically to find out who had spiked the punch. It was Dr. Vermicious. So I sent him this warning, telepathically:

"You spiked the punch! Shame on you! Now feel the anger you have inflicted upon us by your little prank!"

And with that, Dr. Vermicious doubled over in extreme pain.

"Naughty Dr. Vermicious! You should have known better!"

Black Knight casts a spell to remove the crap that Dr. Vermicious put into the punch bowl.

"You can now drink freely from the punch bowl! I have removed Dr. Vermicious' little prank from the contents", said Black Knight in a very loud voice.

Unit Twenty had been watching Pink all night. He was considering what to do about the sprinklers now that the threat of the punch was handled. He caught her eye...then when she looked again he hid in a crowd. He loved the mind games as he made her doubt herself. Perhaps he could put a magic field around each sprinkler.

Since his magic was separate from his vampirism it might work. He could lure her into an empty room then he'd only have to field the ceiling. He wished some of the other Night Guard were vampires, he could use the backup. But the empire had stated to keep this secret from them anyway. At least he could use them to stall anyone else from interfering.

They wouldn't be able to do it forever but hopefully it would be enough. Between the Holy Rain and her constant den hunting she had become a major threat and there would be more if unit Twenty failed.


Bob was glad his suit had protected him from the glamour attempt. He had been following unit Twenty in the suit's stealth mode. The rest of the Night Guard was already in alert including the other Cabalist, apparently they had no clue what the vampire was up to. Now Bob just needed for him to make his move.

"Sir... we may have a problem, we're sensing a huge magic wave spreading over the whole party."

Cap placed his empty champagne glass on the bar. It would be quickly picked up by the staff. He wanted to find that he had fulfilled his duty by showing up at the party, it was time to go out on patrol.

As Cap scanned the room, he thought he detected the faint smell of....brimstone? What the hell?

Sin? Here? Cap searched through the crowd...but saw no sign of Sin.

Taking one last look through the room, he saw Celsius emerge from one of the "secret" corridors peppering the Turbo-Cave's walls. Secret? Cap chuckled at that notion. He knew every corner of the facility. Every nook and cranny. It was his job to know.

With no evidence of Sin, Cap resumed his search for Jarvis and George. He walked by the kitchen entry...and heard a sizzling noise.

Once again, the Vengershield was being used as a wok, cooking up a delicious-smelling Asian delight. Cap decided it was time to end the charade. He reached behind, and working his hand under his cape, he produced another Vengershield.

The real Vengershield.

Knowing the penchant of his teammates for pranks and jokes, Cap had crafted a nearly perfect copy of the Vengershield...and allowed it to be snatched time and again for use as a cooking implement. His teammates had failed to realize an important fact.

The Vengershield was a special combination of adamantium, titanium, uru and vibranium metals. It was designed to absorb and deflect energy. That included heat energy. It was impossible to use the Vengershield as a frying pan. It would absorb and deflect the heat directed at it. That's why the disc didn't get hot when it was subjected to attack. And how Cap was able to survive bomb blasts and death rays while protected behind it.

Cap smiled. The prank had worked perfectly. "And they say I don't have a sense of humor," Cap thought to himself. Deciding there was no benefit in revealing the hoax, Cap placed the real Vengershield in its harness on his back and continued looking for Jarvis.

It was time to leave.

One of the mini clones gets a hold of a worm from Lucifer and puts it into a sealed container. It quickly rushes over to Doc Zwiggles and hands him the container.

"Doc. Fuma wants you to put this away for replication later. This'll be the next big thing on the streets! X will be completely forgotten once we get this out! Dang party poopers ruined everything and made them go away, but I got one!"

"How'd you do that?" asked Doc.

"I got it from Lucifer. He and the boss go waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy back, 'cept Lucy fell from Heaven 1st and went a bit farther than just the surface of Earth." replied the mini clone.

"With this, we'll have a lock on the hippy's wallets!" A smile crossed his face.


After making his delivery, the mini clone re-joined several other mini clones on the dance floor.

“Oh FUCK!” Was Dr Vermicious first thought as he bounced up from the dance floor, “THE WORMS!” He sent out the telepathic command he usually used to regroup the wee buggers. One thousand and seventy-nine missing. Not too bad. He gave it five minutes. Two missing. He sent out a second call to the Watchers in his AV network. There was one in Lucifer’s tequila bottle and a happy little wormy it was too. I can recover that later. Oh now, this is worrying. Zwiggy had the other. Fair enough. Using the worm Dr Vermicious had a quick check of the container Zwiggy was holding the worm in. Transparent adamantium with some kind of anti-egress ward. This could be tricky. I’ll need to ponder this one.

But what the Hell’s that smell? The noise? Ooh look, it’s Chad. About time. So the bloodcurse IS magical in nature and vampiric in application. That makes it a bit easier. Dr Vermicious cast his mind back to his time with Ethel and Mabel, the Francine twins. Nope, no cure. But if I….and then….and finally…. There we go. Chad’s Errtu form shrunk back to normal size and slowly lost it’s demonic appearance. Leaving Chad standing on the dance floor in a rather large pair of baggy pants. Looking at the crowd behind him, he would thank me later. Even his inner demon’s strength couldn't have saved him from the Royal beat down they had planned. No-one would dare hit him now. It would be like punting a puppy with large sad brown eyes. He was so damned cute in his big pants. Dr V sent out a pulse only Chad would hear. “We need to talk. Give yourself some clothes. Go have a rest, I’ll see you later. Here.” Dr Vermicious handed Chad his Staff and returned to sorting things through.

And what had Black Knight been rambling on about? Surely even a natural sorcerer like himself would know when a hex had run it’s course? Never mind, let him have his moment. It’s not often he get’s to stretch his supernatural muscle and use his considerable power. I like him. Earnest, well meaning. Unusual in a Lycan, they are usually driven by more base instincts, pack instincts: Family. I need to know more.

The encounter with Lucifer had been….interesting. Close contact enabled Dr Vermicious to find out much about people, no matter what form those people might be. I hope Lucifer never finds out where his power comes from, nor how close that brings us to being brothers. To find out that would probably fracture his mind. Best keep quiet for now. Perhaps in the future? It could be of use, and amusing. Still, current matters. He sends a worm off to join it’s twin that Doc Zwiggle is holding. A simple instruction; monitor and release. Let’s see how that pans out.

Mimsy Gimble-

OK ...phew ..for a second there everyone went all like me when I've seen a particularly impressively sized ...wallet.

The bouncy castle had been fun and Obsy had been about as subtle as me with a millionaire.

I didn't mind, my background check on her revealed adequate funds to make me happy.

But I was not that happy that Ditzy and Nimble had made sure she had their mobile numbers ..that would have to be fixed.

Borogove wandered over looking a little shocked and singed.

"Sis ..I just told Felix I loved him and then this big fiery dude kissed me."

"Was he rich?"

"No idea."

"Then don't kiss him again!" The family always came to me for advice as the eldest.

"But what about Felix?"

"Easy BThree ..that’s bromances ..blame it on beer - it always works for me. Like, if i wake up and realize that it is just three standard credit cards they have, not gold or platinum ..I just make my excuses and blame it on the champagne."

"Erm... ok… I guess that makes sense."

"Look B the time you go back to work in that Mall, he will have forgotten anyway."

"Let’s hope so."

I moved away from him as he sought out a cooling drink to reduce his blistering.

Wahay was in a corner arguing with Felix ..two birds, one stone and all that stuff ..or as I refer to it ..half the effort, twice the reward!

"Wahay stop crying and ..hang on ..have this menthol, cry some more and look your normal self will you! Felix ...shut up! You don’t own her ..shhh ..don't try and argue ... until you can afford her... YOU DON'T OWN HER! She had a few drinks and fell on some guy happens. Trust me it happens."

"But ..."

"No but's, young man! Get her some more absinthe, another menthol and for god’s sake go and say something to Borogove... he is stood with his face in the non-alcoholic punch bowl all by himself... if you are going to bring him to parties like this, you need to take responsibility. We told you he had a sheltered upbringing! And if you can get him hooked up with one of those strippers it may help you out a lot in the long term. Looking at them shouldn't cost you more than two hundred dollars."

I left him with a thinking look on his face.

"Ditzy! Nimble! Stop giggling in the corner ..get here ..mobiles out ..NOW!"

Deleting contacts ..'Obsy' ... oh screw it ..'delete all' - a lesson learnt!

I took two glasses of champagne off a passing waiter ..I assumed he was a waiter, no guest should be dressed like that!

"Obsy! Hun... looks like you need another drink!"

Errtu the Balor will not be rping for awhile due to mental and emotional trauma to his psyche because of what happened here. Any who feel they are brave enough to have him institutionalized well enough that he will no longer be a threat to himself or others during this application of the Bloodcurse are free to do so. He will not fight back even if Turbulence decides to give him an all member old fashioned beatdown.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
Felix Pigg-

"BThree!!! Mate!!!" I tapped my partner on his shoulder... OK he tried to kiss me, bit awkward, but end of the day we're friends and partners in MALL COPS... "Come on, snap out of it..."

He stopped sniffing "OK, Mr Felix, Sir..."

I ruffled his hair "We're ok... don't worry about it, magic does funny things... Now... much as I would like to tackle the miscreant who made this mess, happen I want you to take a good look over there at that guy..."

Borogrove looked where I was pointing... "the stunned looking fellow?"

"Him. We need to take him into custody now... For his own safety, and for the safety of the people in this room."

"But... but..." My friend was still in shock.

"BThree... focus... there are no members of the regular force here..." well there was Phantom but I didn't want to blow his cover if I didn't have to. "WE are the LAW here BThree... It's up to us to rise to the occasion..."

As I looked at him I saw the light come back into his face. He straightened up, squared his shoulders and nodded. It was all the confirmation I needed. Together we walked across the room.

"Errtu the Balrog?" the magic-user nodded.

"I want to ask you to accompany me to the station please? We can arrange custody and care for you."

Errtu nodded and held out his hands.

"No need for cuffs, mate. We'll just take you down to the station on your own recognizance if you can promise me you'll come quietly.

He nodded.

Gently, BThree and I led Errtu out of the Turbo-Cave and away to the Mall Cops Headquarters. Behind me I could hear Wahay putting the call into the duty psychiatrist. Good girl.

Doc Zwiggle went to where he had stashed the sealed test tube that contained the worm. He had left it in Ziggy's purse because he knew few if any would mess with Ziggy's purse. There, on the vial was another worm trying to open the top to no avail.

"Hmm. You're girlfriend came to save you Mr. Wiggles! No worries! I'll reunite you two lovebirds."

With that, Doc popped the top and dropped the 2nd worm in with the first.

Ziggy came up to see what Doc was doing with his purse.

"Look Ziggy!" He lifted the vial to show him, "I think they're making babies! Holy crap! What was that? Did it just poop a baby out? There's another! And another! These things are worse'n rabbits! Oh man, the jar is filling up quick! What do we do?"

"I have an idea." exclaimed Ziggy as he grabbed the container and worms from Doc and headed out to the Wakpah River that meandered around the mountain. The river had been named by Hopi Indians after a river.

**Crossover with Fistful of Buckys**

"Cap, I know you work alone. I know it's been years since you had a partner. But I think I can be a valuable member of your team. I want to be Bucky."

King Louie paused--waiting for a response. He studied himself in the mirror.

Did he look serious enough? Would Cap say yes?

"I'll need to work on that approach again," Louie said to himself. " I don't want to scare him off. Maybe I should bring him a gift? Shield wax? Boot anti-scuffing spray?"

King Louie sighed and flopped down on his bed. Underneath his pillow he pulled out his well worn scrapbook.

A white light--blinding and a disembodied voice....."King Louie....."

King Louie was confused--was this the Zigonians returning?

In front of him in a flash stood the most majestic figure he had ever seen. It was odd but the figure's mouth didn't move. The words were inside his head.

"I bring unto you the word of the Lord," said the angel without moving its lips.

"There is great peril to Captain Avenger, if he falls your world may be lost. It has been tasked unto you to stay at his side in this time of need and save him from that which is to come."

"In peril? From what?" King Louie asked. But the angel was disappearing and he found himself alone and with more questions.

An invitation slid under his door. Curious, he opened it to find the distinct cursive of Evolution's writing.

"A party eh? Maybe this one will go better for me than the last one."

************************************************** **********************************

The music was bumping hard. The soft "tssst tssst tssst"of a cymbal running along with suits gyrating and milling about getting their fill from the bar.

King Louie had picked up some O'Douls--he wasn't much of a drinker but he thought the name sounded Irish and Irish people know their beer right?

He also had a dozen varieties of that deep fried dough that Sin liked so much from that place called Dunkin' Donuts. Lucifer had assured him that Sin liked soy sauce and ketchup on his confections, so he had made sure to stock up on those condiments.

King Louie was looking forward to meeting some new people in the community. He had heard The Awesome One could not make it which was a shame because now the party could not be as Awesome as everyone had hoped.

A glint of metal caught his eye. Over in a corner he saw Captain Avenger with a small crowd of young heroes around him. Cap was moving his shield in a defensive pattern, regaling his young audience with one of his adventures. Or...more likely teaching moves that may help them in a future battle.

"He does command an audience doesn't he?"

King Louie jumped back startled.

"I'm sorry Master Louie," said Jarvis. "I didn't mean to frighten you."

"You didn't frighten me, I mean, it's okay Jarvis."

"It's easy to see why you are so enamored of my employer," Jarvis smiled.

"I-I'm not enamored--I mean--I like girls--Not that there's anything wrong with that...but...uhh...ummm...."

"Oh I didn't mean THAT sir, I just meant I have noticed that you have taken a more than passing interest in the Captain."

King Louie slumped. " Is it THAT obvious?"

"Only to those of us who have eyes, Master Louie," Jarvis smiled. "But you have nothing to fear here. Your secret is safe with me."

An uncomfortable silence fell over the conversation. Louie didn't know what to say. Here he was, with Captain Avenger's closest confidant. He took a deep breath...and decided to take the plunge....

"I want to be the new Bucky," Louie blurted out.

Jarvis's demeanor changed immediately. Gone was the visage of friendly conversation. In its place was the hard edge of a man who had seen war and death and destruction. A man...who with no extraordinary powers and abilities of his own...had gained the trust and friendship of more than one of Superhero City's metahumans...and stood beside them to save the universe.

Jarvis' eyes narrowed. His lips grew thin as much of the color drained from his face.

"I'm afraid that's impossible, sir," Jarvis said, his voice chilled...the words...clipped. "Master Bucky is...dead. The Captain works alone. Enjoy the rest of your evening."

Jarvis turned on his heel...and was gone.

That Sinking Feeling

"Ok. So the food was poisoned and the punch bowl was spiked, what next?" said Black Knight

"Why don't we go over to the bouncy castle and have some fun?" said Wolf's Bane.

"Sounds like a good idea" said Black Knight. Everyone agreed.

Everyone was having fun in the bouncy castle when all of a sudden, Black Knight feels a rush of air coming from the spot he'd just landed on as well as the unmistakable sound of escaping air. "Oh crap! Did I just puncture a hole in it?!" said Black Knight as the thing begins to deflate at an alarming rate. "My that's a big hole!" said Spike.

"But I thought that I had removed everything that could puncture it" he said in dismay. Then, Black Knight reaches into his bag and pulls out some duct tape. "Instant bouncy castle repair kit!" he exclaims as he begins repairing the hole he'd caused.

"But that won’t hold forever" said Awesome George.

"It will when I get done with" said Black Knight. And when he was done, he put his hand on the tape and it became like the rest of the castle. The hole was repaired and looked just as though nothing had happened.

"What did you do?" asked Dark Wolf.

"I just used my superpowers to transmute the material in the tape into the material of the bouncy castle" Black Knight said matter-of-factually.

The amount of alcohol ingested was at extraordinary level. Any more and perhaps they wouldn't have seen the energy starting to form in the room. Suddenly there was a screech and Tyrana was standing there.

She was confused, and disorientated but recognized some of the faces staring back at her. Some still didn't her at all, with all that had happened tonight this seemed small. But Pink recognized Tyrana and moved towards her. Obsidian followed her friend out of curiosity as to who is attractive young lady was.

For the second time this night, reality split again and two black armored figures appeared. They honed in on Tyrana immediately.

"It's coming from her.""Wheres NightHawk?!"

The others in the room gathered, unsure of these men. Pink recognized them as night guard which was confirmed by the few couscous Night Guard posted at the party saluting the two men.

"Tyrana, you aura is marked with Salazar's. We need you to come with us so we can run tests and figure out what you did with him."

"What I did? How about what he did to me? Look I'm not going with you, I need to figure this out."

At that two more men ported in. There were now four of the Nine and six NightGuard circling Tyrana.

Pink mouthed the words, Back Off.

Bob walked in from the other room, he saw the Nine and Saluted. He tossed the open bottle of Smirnoff and closed the visor. He didn't want them seeing him this drunk.

Number 4 was relieved to see the heavy armor stroll into the room, he knew what the P Three-TenX could do.

"I would never disobey you, but we're in no condition to fight the power level in this room. Why don't we bring the equipment here...."

The statement that would've gotten Bob fired was interrupted by Alarms going off in his suit."

"We've got a situation one seventy six, incoming in ten...nine......"

Tyrana was sensing the same thing and so were the Nine.

"Protect her and bring in the vamps, we're gonna need them based on the size of this portal."

A Change in Music

"Ok, this is supposed to be a party!! Let's have some dance music!" said Black Knight, who had been drinking a number of rounds from the punch bowl (it had booze in it, so he was quite drunk by this time). So he telepathically took over the mind of the DJ playing the music for a brief time before passing out.

"And this one is for Turbulence, who hosted the party!" he shouted.

And then he passed out.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell

Many months later Robin D. Hood, a highwayman of many names and many faces, was walking next to the Wak Pah River that runs into and under the Turbo Cave. He was carrying a large black trash bag with him. It had been months since everyone passed out at the party. Most instantly transported upon waking to a cosmic conflict that called all the Earth's heroes and even a few villains to the fray, when a Zigonian warship attacked Earth at the start of the last League War.

He laughed to himself, remembering how Pink had told him the name of the river was the Wak Pah River. Wak Pah was the Hopi Indian word for "river". So essentially the Turbo river was called "River River".

Trash still littered the grounds and it was going to take a lot of cleaning up. As he started to pick up random pieces of trash and disposed of them in the bag, he was suddenly caught unaware.

"Hiyaa! Take that, you used to be Ninja Lord!" he heard Pink yell as she plunged a katana deep through his back and out his chest.

"OWWWWWWWW!" Yelled Robin. "What the hell Pink?!!?"

"HA HA! Got you!" she replied. "What did you think you were doing sneaking around the Turbo Cave!"

"I came back after the war to help clean up from the party! Why the hell did you stab me?!!?" He yelled at her.

"Oh quit being such a baby!" She chastised "It's not like you can't heal yourself. Pfft!"

Pink went into thespian mode, mocking Robin as she did, "I'm the great Fuma Hanzo! I have the Amulet of the Legion! I can control every molecule of my body! Nothing can kill me! I'm still crying like a little bitch over a flesh wound. Wha! Wha! Wha!"

"Flesh wound? You stabbed me with a sword from my back through my chest! That's a bit more than a flesh wound! Why on Earth did you think it'd be ok to stab me?!!?" he cried back.

"Oh c'mon! Stop being a whiny baby! It's not like it'll kill you or anything!" reprimanded Pink.

"IT STILL HURTS BITCH!" yelled Robin.

"Awwwww. Wait right here and I'll get you a band aid from the Turbo medicine cabinet."

As Pink walked back to the Turbo Cave laughing, Robin sat there, a sword blade sticking out of his chest, wondering if Pink was actually coming back or just leaving him there to bleed.

"You better come back! I can't get this sword out by myself Pink." he cried.

"Yeah, yeah." she said as she nonchalantly waved off his remarks and disappeared into the Turbo Cave.

"Pink? Pink? You are coming back right?"

As he sits there, several hours later, a sword still stuck through his back and chest, Robin looks towards the Turbo Cave and flicks it off with his middle finger.

"Bitch. It's been like half a damn day. How long does it take to find a band-aid? ..............

Pink? Pink, I think you stuck it through my spine Pink. I can't feel or move my legs........

Pink? Pink? I hate you Pink. You know that?

Someone? Anyone? Help...... Please?"

Robin couldn't help but wish he had bought that little Voodoo doll he saw at the convenience store before coming over to help Turbulence clean up their grounds. He had thought it would make a good mascot. He sure could use one now.

Momentarily the scent of brimstone fills the air as the real Errtu the Traitorous Balor appears on the scene temporarily. "You have a very determined patron somewhere who will not take no for an answer," he growls angrily at "Robin". "Hold on a second this could be rather painful." Grinning maliciously, he unleashes a tiny amount of hellfire from his demonic self just enough to cauterize his wounds. "When next we meet, simply remember that as my name implies I am liable to switch from ally to enemy at any given time. Now I must return to Super Villain City to continue with the aid of Zerocurew the Dracolich to stop the ongoing continuous riots that have been going on since the last recorded event in "Path to Power 2. So far we have not yet encountered any of the Lords of Sin but they are a deceitful lot of conniving fiends who for all I know be attacking a different location that above all others must be kept as secret as the TurboCave my magical clone was at for the party a few months earlier. Now I must return."

With that he was about to return to where he had been but the TurboCave security had been activated and within a few minutes the Super Cops had him fully surrounded. Knowing his clone had by now returned to the magical essence from which it had been formed and extremely certain that very few of those in SHC knew of the ongoing threat to it from the "Nemesis" Star, he decided it was the better part of prudence for now simply to surrender rather than to leave a lot of angry law officials suing him for medical damages.

Pink wandered through a few hours later, coffee cup in hand.

"Oh hi Robin... what are you doing here?"

"You fecking stabbed me remember? With this sword?"

"You're not still going on about that are you?" Pink huffed.

"YOU STABBED ME WITH A SWORD AND SEVERED MY SPINAL COLUMN!! YES I'M STILL GOING ON ABOUT IT!! What happened to that plaster you were getting me anyway?"

"Oh was that what I went into the kitchen for? I'd forgotten. I got distracted by the food.... and the coffee... want some coffee? You don't seem to be bleeding anymore by the way..."

"Errtu cauterized the wound... but he left before I could get him to pull the sword out."

Pink looked puzzled. "You're a shapeshifter... why didn't you just rearrange your molecules so they were outside the sword?"

"Ohhhhh...." Robin D Hood winced "Never thought of that."

"Ok. Well... come get some coffee in the kitchen when you're done there." Pink shrugged and walked away again.

As the Super Cops cautiously took Errtu away to a specialized cell inside one of their top secret holding facilities, he patiently awaited to see who would dare come to question him. Soon enough one of the psychoanalysts came into his cell. "Hmm you always seem to have a knack for requiring my appearance when dealing with these technology reliant mortals," the shrink says with a smirk on his face. "Jace you scoundrel! I thought you were going to lie low after what Dr Vermicious and Bob put you through?"

The infamous planeswalker laughs at such a low underestimation of his abilities. "Really Errtu you should know me far better than that by now. After all if not for my help, neither you or your other rping characters including myself would have even traveled from the twentieth century Earth to the postmodern thirtieth century futuristic world of Superhero City via way of the transdimensional magical gateway powered by my magic, the Abyss and the power of Lloth herself. It is because of that very gateway that I am here."

"Yes, I remember how me and my other cloned siblings were awakened long ago," Errtu says in Chad's voice slowly. "Not only were you freed when The Abyss came to the human world, but the drow were unleashed as well. However that will have to wait another time to be discussed. What about the gateway is so important right now Jace?"

"The Lords of Sin have discovered its existence, Errtu," Jace said simply. "At first they thought The Abyss was merely a side-effect of their own nefarious powers going haywire when they fought the Foundry a few months earlier. However when the Nemesis Star's light caused your current bloodcurse form to activate and caused the supervillains and demons to go crazy with feelings of conquest, it affected the gateway much differently. Now it is draining LLoth of her powers and the Drow have grown rebellious. Jaden and Jayariel Drillowup have had to forge an alliance to keep the populace of Mezzoberranzen from tearing itself to shreds since the magic hit the city. It will be soon required that the Superheroes of this city learn of the existence of Mezzoberranzen and the Abyss for I sense many great innovators and thinkers alike who possibly could find a way to reverse this drastic change. But you have very little time indeed. When the year two thousand and twelve ends, the gateway will be sealed off permanently and all travel back and forth between the past and present timestreams via magic will be halted for human, drow and demons alike. You will have too meet with the leaders of the most powerful groups of heroes and villains in this city. Tell them however you are able to but do not allow any to know the Bloodstone Foundry is the key to removing the Gateway from this dimension. Otherwise Sin will not be able to use it to gain his ultimate form."

Black Knight woke from his drunken stupor a few months ago. Since the party at the Tubo Cave, he's been made aware of several events since then that have taken place since the party. One, the Sin Remnant and Molterion, and two, what happened after the party and offers his magic and his powers to help with Mezzoberranzen and the little problem going on there.

The End
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
In reply to this post by Chad Rockwell
Heroes of Ice Ray Academy

Jenna Firemage my youngest daughter
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human Adept
Experience: Only counting fights with my brothers, 150. Fighting Heartless and demons, 250. Combined for 400.
Favorite weapon: Two Rivers Crossbow of Flaming Oblivion.
Temperament: If you see me talking or fighting with my brothers and they start running, then my anger is controlling my cursed body. Other than that, I am pretty calm.
Short bio: Fought beside my twin brothers Chad Rockwell and Chad Hansen-Ricks when demons attacked our former home, Ice Ray Academy. Now I suffer from the same bloodcurse as them and have come here to train with them to someday succeed where our ancestors failed to destroy the demon Jacob, the destroyer of our school, and the demoness Alexis, foul curser of our family's bloodline, who are our mortal archenemies! (Currently Bloodcurse temporarily cured as thanks to events of "The Return of Ice Ray Academy" (forthcoming) but the future is still unclear.)

Chad Rockwell (Currently The Inkling)
Nickname(s): Eli
Age: 24
Hobbies: Reading, studying, wizarding athletics
Pet(s): white owl named Snowflake
Positive Traits: usually good and positive attitude.
Negative Traits: moody at times
Blood: human/some changeling
Weapons: Only the limits of godmoding against opponents in battle. But to be fair, I use the Quidditch Sword of the Flamewind.
Temperament: I have more patience than my younger brother Chad Hansen-Ricks and more bloodthirsty instincts than my younger sister Jenna Firemage. Thus I am a cunning adversary who only fights to defend the honor and integrity of my family and closest friends when I role play online.
Any Background Info: The son of an original member of Ice Ray Academy. Not only that, but he also has the inherited, but uncontrollable, ability to change into people, animals, etc. This curse is the result of a spell cast upon his father by an evil wizard while he was a student at the magical school, Castle Hogwarts. Before dying, Porter Rockwell (his foster father) knowingly passed this curse down to Chad. After a long time, Chad finally mastered his curse and so he no longer loses control of himself. He is also an officially registered animagus and his animagi form is a wolverine. Chad is 5'9 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds. He is skinny but muscular and wears leather and woolen clothes that are colored bluish grey. His eyes are blue and his hair is dark brown and he wears eyeglasses. (Bloodcurse seems fully healed (Thanks to events of "The Resurrection" but same as the case with Jenna only the future will tell)

Chad Hansen-Ricks
Nickname(s): Cerb
Age: 22
Any Background Info: Due to having many powerful enemies of his family, Chad, his sister Jenna, and their brother Chad Rockwell were separated at birth to be guided under the protection of anonymous friends. After sixteen years of working on his powers to better be a goodly wizard, Chad joined his brother Chad Rockwell and their father Chase Hansen-Ricks and their uncle Devin the Abjurer. But they all failed, Chad has had amnesia since the fateful day when they tried to help unsuccessfully rebel against the evil ruler of Ice Ray Academy, a demon named Jacob. The attempt failed, the school was destroyed and now Chad had been sent here to regroup with a few fellow classmates as well as to regain his memory and become a better wizard. Not only that, but he also has the inherited, but uncontrollable, ability to change into people, animals, etc. This curse is the result of a spell cast upon his father by another evil wizard while he was a student at the magical school, FrostBite School. Before dying, I unknowingly passed this curse down to Chad. It currently manifests whenever he is under a lot of stress or is extremely angry at his amnesiac condition and heritage. However, he had only been there a few short months before the cursed personal enemy of his family came after him. He faced this evil wizard, by the name of Urvon and won, but at a great price. He has again lost his memory of his past.

After training for quite a few years, Chad had undergone the transition from being cursed to becoming an animagus.
Now he had to regain his lost memory and find his twin brother at Ice Ray Academy in order to deal with these dual threats to their family. But the school was destroyed again and he and his brother were separated again. But he has heard rumors that a sister he never met has been searching for him too and that she might hold the clues needed to help him regain his lost memory. His younger brother Chad Rockwell also has clues in his memory for this same purpose.

Physical Appearance: Chad is a muscular young adult. He is 6'1 and weighs 200 pounds and usually wears workout clothes all the time. His eyes are brown and his hair is blackish brown.


Now for teachers and family friends.

Name:Sephrenia Darklighter

Age:400 (but looks like she is still in her twenties).


Height:4'10 inches

Weight:250 pounds



Appearance: She wears a white robe much like a monk and is very neat and simple. Has the appearance of an aura over her head. This is a result of being faithful by worshipping her gods in quiet places when not working.

Background info:She prefers to be called Sephrenia and is from a land in the far east area of Africa. Due to the brutal persecution of her race, most of her family has been killed, and she only has been able to enjoy the company of her race's vast multitude of gods while seeking a place to live and work throughout her long life.Sephrenia heard about Ice Ray Academy from a hieriarch at the Basilica in Demos while she was passing through on her way. Her main purpose in life is a continual search for the knowledge that will stop the persecution of her race. The only oddity her race has is a complete lack of reading skills. This is because their gods have forbidden the practice entirely in hope of keeping them pure from the corruption of words through reading. Currently teaching as a professor of oral history at Ice Ray Academy and the most gentle looking and peaceful of my female characters.

Headmaster James Starrunner and Headmistress Bobby Starrunner of Ice Ray Academy in casual wear.

Name: Bobby Starrunner (married to James Starrunner)

Age: 23 (was 18 during original frostbite)

Appearence: Long blonde hair and Blue eyes with beatiful skin. She is tall with a toned body. But that is only her normal appearence as she can change into anyone or anything she chooses.

Attitude: Bobby is extremely opposed to hurting people or trying to control people much to her biological parents dismay which is why then abandoned her. She showed signs of this ever since she was a toddler.

Special abilities: Bobby as extensive mutations yet mainly choses to stick to the magic she knows and loves yet in extreme situations or when her wand is gone she resorts to her other abilities.

She will always be a more powerful mutant then a witch but sometimes she can mix the two together to make a spell stronger but she doesnt do that much as it drains a lot of energy.

She in reality has every single mutation so far found in the human race, but the trick is she can only use one at a time except for ones that happen automatically for instance her heightened regenative healing.

History: Bobby was married to James 5 years ago during the original Frostbite before the school was destroyed.

Before coming to a magical school Bobby lived at Xavier School for the gifted where her other friends who arnt magical live.

Family: Her real parents whom She stays far away from whenever possible are Mystique and Magneto. She was adopted by Charles Xavier when she was only two as she was found abandoned in the middle of a feild of snow which she had been in for two days. She is now married to James StarRunner. James and Bobby were blessed with twin new born babies Kyle and Jade.

Bobby is actually a triplet herself but was separated at birth from her brother Clue Bell and sister Collett Sackville-baggs

Name: Professor Fionnghall(Fingal) Darlin Litreen

Age: (looks 14) 68, 977, 342 (yes, that is human years)

Positions: Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher; Head of Silvermoon house

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 87 lbs

Eyes: Deep emotional teal--more to the green side. usually very widely open

Hair: Pitch black hair, past his shoulders and usually pulled back in a loose and messy ponytail on the base of his neck

Skin: Very pale, a blush, a bruise or even where someone has grabbed his wrist too tightly is obvious.

Blood: Incanti(immortal race of creatures that usually feed off of humans.) and Human. There is no such thing as half in his background.

Personality: Genuinely professional in the classroom lately, but tends to be more on the depressive side when he is alone and usually has a dark look on his face. Not many people can make him genuinely smile (IE: James, Bobby, Eirian and choice few others).

Special Markings: Scars littering his face (and one slash on his cheek near his eyes and scars on the inside of his wrists where there are stones imbedded in them.

Family: Inhuman father, human mother.
(has a younger cousin he takes care of named Eirian(the only living son of Fingal's father's older half sister)
Siblings half-sister Kalindria, older by 7 years, shared parent is the mother; half brother Danou, older by 3 years, shared parent is the mother; half brother Kass, younger by approx 2 million years, shared parent is the father

Name: Eirian Leverett
Age: 2 1/2 (looks 6)
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 45 lbs
Eyes: Bright Spring Green
Hair: Longish(past his ears), curly light blonde
Skin: very pale
Blood: Incanti
Personality: A normal small boy, he likes to play pranks on the students and he likes to be praised when he does do something he knows he should. When he is around Fingal though, he acts like he is taking care of him, telling him when he should do this, making sure he takes care of himself etc. He really is a sweetheart of a baby.--and that's technically what he is.
Special Markings: strange slash mark on his cheek

Name: Jayariel Drillowup
Age: 1000
Gender: Male
A good Drow who has rebelled against his evil race and his race's creator to help defend humans and the weapons master at Ice Ray Academy. Only known weakness is technology.

Combat skills or magic if applicable: Extremely powerful in combat with his magical scimitars he inherited from his more famous ancestor. Also has the ability to speed up in combat to the point only Martians, magic users or those with the proper technology can see him.

Background info: As a young child in Drow society, he watched the sacrifice of his dad as his wicked aunt performed it in service to the dread fallen
demi goddess Lloth. Being a high priestess, she was one of the more important leaders at the time and still is these many centuries later. Jayariel fled the city not too long afterwards and made his way to the Surface World.

For centuries he wandered the world until pure chance put him in Australia during what became known as the Second World War as mortal humans termed it. Seeing how the allies were being defeated by the evil Japanese (that is how he viewed them), Jayariel would use his combat skills at night to prevent Japanese spies and saboteurs from attacking Australia and New Zealand while General MacArthur was planning his campaign to eventually retake the Phillipines and other countries captured and seized by the Japanese forces. To date no actual records have ever been uncovered or revealed to verify the existence of "The Spirit That kills By Night," as those who survived while beseiging would come to call the unnatural entity that slew countless numbers of their countrymen.

Following the end of the hostilities, he became a nomad and settled within a secret cave he built inside Ayer's Rock in the Australian Outback. It was on this fabled mountain that he encountered the young human female Corrine Daniels and the rest is history.

Jayariel and Corrine have been dating since she became a teenager. Beforehand, he was chosen by the academy's headmaster and headmistress to be the weapons master there and secretly her personal bodyguard as well. They have had many run ins with evil drow in the past sent by Lloth to capture him so she tends to get very defensive about his welfare.

Last friend is Jaegarjumi a reddish panther from the Astral Realm. Weighs approximately 500 pounds and follows the telepathic commands of both Jayariel and Corinne. Jayariel befriended Jaegarjumi by saving him from his horrid former master who was using him to torture some Duergar, underground evil gray dwarves. Unfortunately the encounter ended in death and Jayariel swore a foolish oath to never harm another drow. That oath has since expired.

Jaegarjumi has undergone a fur color and personality change as a result of being turned into a cursed Lycan Panther.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Wow, that is quite a bit you have written. I'm not sure when I would be able to go through all that. What is your goal for all of these? And could you give me the main idea of the world to understand it better before I catch up?

Are you interested in getting involved with other parts of the forum at some time?
Romans 8:31 What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
I am interested in the other parts of the forum but previous rp forum experience has taught me it is better to wait to be invited into an ongoing rp then join without permission and risk serious rping health issues like death or dismemberment from angry veterans of said rp forum.

Forum member Randy Micah Smith invited me here from Facebook and due to his interest in my stories I have written and co-written in this thread for his group where he wants to turn them into a Youtube Fictiion Reading Project.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Alright, cool. Randy is one of the big members of this forum.

We are a little slow on developing rps at the moment, but we would still welcome you to join us. The process we use around here is to have new members post within the OOC thread for a particular rp they find interesting, we then fill them in on the setting and what they need to know to get started, let them make a character, and then generally there is no problem letting them join in rather quickly. The main problem at the moment is finding a rp that is active / alive enough for you to join in on.
Romans 8:31 What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
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Re: Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute

Chad Rockwell
Yes I have faced that exact problem beginning with Yahoo Clubs.

Any rper who wants to can join my rp canon universe as seen in my stories here. The more the merrier will make future stories under construction more creative with more characters besides my own being involved.

If you have other questions please feel free to ask me.
What the future holds I have no idea but I remain anchored deeply to my ancient past. Professional rper but occasionally I will cosplay as well. If you do not like what I post then do not view it simply. Thanks and have a nice day. :D