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Arcade Anna

Amelia wasn’t born great, but greatness was certainly thrust upon her. At a young age her father, a man who was not at all super, came upon a few odd calculations in his lab. After years of testing to see if it would be possible to use the superpower gene to save ordinary people with incurable diseases he finally made progress. He created two rings that would allow a host and an average human to transfer powers together. It had been tested and appeared to work exactly as planned, but he didn’t think the world was ready to see it.

One night, while creeping about, young Amelia stumbled into her parents room restlessly after a bad dream. They were out cold so she decided to find comfort going through their dresser and playing with the odd trinkets. It was that night she discovered the two rings and decided, out of pure curiosity, to try one on despite the fact that it was obviously much too large for her toddler fingers. As she slipped the first ring on, however, it began to change sizes before her eyes. When she leaped up and tried to rip the strange ring off her finger, she called for help as she realized it wouldn’t budge. Ever since that day the ring has been glued to the young girls finger, and grows with her.

And with the strange phenomena of the ring came the birth of the power stealer.